Letter to the Editor

Reader questions validity of writer

Sunday, June 13, 2010

`To the Editor:

This is to address the letter written by Jason Litz.

Mr. Litz, did you do any investigating before writing the (letter)? Did you go to West Central Village and interview anyone or did you just drive by and see parts of West Central Village trashed or going by hearsay?

The issue of the trash lays on the residents in each court and not everyone in their courts like to clean up after themselves. We have some elderly people that live at West Central Village and the younger ones need to help them.

There are also two grandmothers and one great-grandmother that live there and have guardianship of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren and get no help from the children's parents.

Also, the way you wrote your letter, you are presuming that everyone that resides at West Central Village are lazy.

Well, let me tell you something, I work my butt off at a full-time job to support my grandson and I get no help from his mother because she only thinks of herself.

Trying to even buy him shoes gets difficult at times and making sure he gets his daily needs and gets to his doctor's appointments when he needs to go.

Also, to touch on the issue of the way West Central Village looks first and foremost, my hat's go off the maintenance crew. They are awesome.

West Central Village has so many issues to be dealt with, but it needs to start with the supervision of West Central Village and their boss. They themselves need to get the backbone to start knocking on doors and telling residents to clean up what's on their back patios. Get tougher on residents that are supposed to do community service, let tenants go in and clean out the abandoned apartments that would save housing so much money.

Used to when someone moved out of the apartments, the good or decent stuff was taken to a storage area and one time a month, the garage was opened up to the tenants and they could take what they needed. Now, it is trashed. That's wrong.

Many children are not supervised by their caregivers and some kids don't even go outside for fear of being jumped.

The so-called playground hasn't had anything done to it in more than five years.

Some parents allow their kids to climb on roofs of the buildings and let them pounce on smaller kids, too.

Look at the police reports and see how many times cops are called here.

So much more I could write, but I'm too tired.

Kelly Webster,