Letter to the Editor

Responding to 'clean the area up'

Sunday, June 13, 2010

To the Editor:

In response to, "Reader: Clean the area up."

I, too, have lived in Brazil all my life. I was born here. I'm responding to cooking a pot of beans in my own yard, not the alley.

My husband maintains that alley at least twice a week, no one else does.

Frankly, I like a pot of beans on an open fire. Who doesn't? We had a burn permit and we cooked them in our yard, not the alley. No kitchen table and chairs, just a table my husband made for us to eat outside dinners on. And lawn chairs.

My yard is always mowed and my yard is clean. My husband works hard every day. He keeps our yard clean and mowed and the alley behind us.

It's not used only by us. Everyone walks the alley. It's all grass.

I do agree with people doing wrong things like not cutting their grass or breeding dogs that don't need to be bred or whatever. It's their business. Not anyone else.

So, a nosey neighbor needs to get their own life and stay out of everyone else's lives.

We have a nice area. Ask anyone on our block.

Thank you.

Roseann Waggle,