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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer's heat hampered the progress of some of my outside work last week. Yesterday, moving the garden soil about with the tiller was no easy task. I became rather dizzy.

The bottled water was handy and consumed, but it was difficult to stay completely hydrated and in focus when my water pill was frequently putting a damper on the progress.

Just when I thought that the groundhog problem was solved, even bragged about it, a young one darted from between the rows of thigh-high corn and disappeared beneath the building.

I gave the woodchuck gang fair warning, "Leave the premises because I declare war again. This time the weapon of choice will not be mothballs!"

I pulled a few radishes and a nice bunch of green onions from the fine soil and returned the barriers that protect the tender bean plants to their proper stations, along the long row and headed home.

Our little blue house at the end of the road was cool inside. Ms.Tootie Mae was glad to see me and likewise.

After my bath, I rested a few minutes then baked a batch of peanut butter cookies and a banana cream pie.

A week's worth of work clothes met up with my new iron and I ran the sweeper throughout the house, before I left the comfort of my air conditioned rest stop.

Later, I placed a large pot near the young catalpa tree. The tall teenager stands as straight and tall, as her mother once did. I planted my birdhouse gourds in a pots of similar size that sit near the front at the base of the trunk. Then this old country girl placed a panel of very strong wire against the tree, behind the container that holds healthy starts.

Soon, with luck, the vine will cover the make-do trellis and climb the tree. Within a few days, she will be wearing hourglass danglers, my future birdhouses.

I received several comments about my article last week.

This writer enjoyed conversing with the readers by phone and by email. I am happy so many remembered Dad, their old friend and/or acquaintance.

They recalled times spent in his company and spoke of how the generous man touched their lives. I loved hearing their heart-warming stories.

Only one caller found parts of that article about the crow and pigeons distasteful.

It was mentioned that I omitted an important part of a sentence.

That was not a very good place to drop part of that sentence. I understand.

I can take constructive criticism. After all, this senior graduated from high school 53 years ago. I am grown now. I don't cry much anymore.

Do not worry; I am good with the woman. I am grateful that she reads Brazil Buzz so long and I appreciate that the former Brazilian continues to follow my ramblings, closely.

Dad sometimes said, "That takes me back a ways." The usage of that colloquial expression did not cramp his style as far as we were concerned.

Old timers that I knew then did not worry about how they pronounced tomato, potato and piano, etc. They had too much other stuff to think about during those days.

When we faced the downtown/uptown crowd the Lynch, kids did our best to use acceptable grammar.

Often misused and pronounced words surfaced at our garden parties and dictionary harvests.

I started reading The Brazil Times and several other newspapers early on in my life about the time that my teacher gave me my first Weekly Reader and writing filled my good dreams. I have missed reading few editions of this paper since.

George James gave us "Not Quite News." I admired the man and his writing style.

Brazil Buzz first appeared in The Brazil Times July 25, 2002. I gave you 412 articles to date.

I appreciate the folks at the Times and you the readership. You make me feel good about me, more than you will ever know. Thank you!

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.