Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse June 22-30:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Midland Funding, LLC Vs. Scott Fark: Civil Collections

HSBC Bank Nevada Vs. Tracy K. Withers: Civil Collections

Susan E. Street Vs. Chad M. Street: Domestic Relations

Sandy Boatman Vs. State of Indiana: Miscellaneous Civil

Capital One Bank Vs. Jeffery Price: Civil Collections

Capital One bank Vs. Jody A. Neace: Civil Collections

HSBC Bank Nevada Vs. John A. Rogers: Civil Collections

Credit Acceptance Corporation Vs. Jerry R. Cather and Tenessa Cather: Civil Collections

Gary L. Deal Vs. Shelly E. Deal: Domestic Relations

Brenda England Vs. Robert N. England: Domestic Relations

JP Morgan Chase Bank Vs. Bobbie D. Ray, Rhonda G. Ray and Professional Accounts Services, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Zacree D. Sheese and Autumn R. Sheese Vs. Bruce Clingerman, Jill Tucker and Indiana Department of Revenue: Miscellaneous Civil

Kristina L. Shoemaker Vs. William D. Shoemaker: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Triangle Anesthesia Group, PSC Vs. Amanda Hornbeck: Civil Collections

Midland Funding, LLC Vs. Elaine Langley: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Velma D. Metz: Civil Collections

American Acceptance Company, LLC Vs. Paul J. Tilley: Civil Collections

CACH, LLC Vs. Robert Auterson: Civil Collections

RAB Performance Recoveries, LLC Vs. Roberty McAninch: Civil Collections

Misty Cooksey Vs. Timothy Cooksey: Domestic Relations

Stacy M. Bell Vs. Scott Bell: Domestic Relations

Carrie L. Treash Vs. James R. Treash: Domestic Relations

BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP Vs. Jeffrey W. Weishaupt, Della D. Weishaupt and Clay County Humane Society, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

BAC home Loans Servicing, LP Vs. Brenda J. Rogers and Capital One Bank: Mortgage Foreclosure

Angela K. Jones-Bowman Vs. James Lawson: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Kristy Vansickle and Ramey Vansickle: Small Claims

James Johnson and Chandra Johnson Vs. James Fredrick and Melissa Fredrick: Small Claims

Lora Sanders Vs. Charles Hear: Small Claims

Mary Lemay Vs. Crystal Arker: Small Claims

Central Supply Co., inc. Vs. Jeff's Plumbing Co.: Small Claims

Clay Community School Corporation Vs. Amanda Williams: Small Claims

Clay County Board of Commissioners Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Brookley N. Brown, Joshua Girton, Glenn A. Blancott, Ronald Blaschke, Patrick A. Brack, Marvin Brown Jr., Gary L. Brown, Ying-Che Chen, Mark A. Dorman, Richard S. Fisher, Donna Francis, Tiffany A. Freeze, Jeffifer A. Grigsby, Shane R. Hayden, Darin Klcoker, Shikara M. Knight, Della M. Lalen, Thomas R. Lange, Chester T. Hodge, Anthony D. Hubbard, Tamika D. Helsip, Angela Gregerson and Collis W. Jenkins: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Eric James Adkins, 20, Brazil, and Ashlee Dawn Hyde, 22, Brazil

Conor Douglas McCoy, 22, Brazil, and Alisha Marie May, 20, Brazil

Joshua Scott Mueller, 28, Brazil, and Julie Anne Tempest, 21, Brazil

Justin Matthew Clark, 36, Brazil, and Barbara E. Short, 44, Brazil

Joshua Lee Light, 26, Brazil, and Kendra Sue Lints, 21, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Robert D. Neville II, 20: 1. Public intoxication 2. Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Dustin L. Bates, 25: 1. Possession of marijuana 2. Possession of paraphernalia

Robert P. Blystone, 21: Domestic battery

Jonathon D. Bault, 20: Possession of a controlled substance

Angel N. Cravens, 25: Possession of a controlled substance

Jacqueline M. Orme, 27: Theft

Guy M. Gilbert, 51: Public intoxication

Shaun M. Seeley, 32: Resisting law enforcement

Christina Dickison, 31: Possession of methamphetamine

Donald E. Mundell, 37: Possession of marijuana

Connie J. Coleman, 38: Failure to stop after accident resulting in damage to an attended vehicle

Tricia J. Thomas, 29: Public intoxication

Kelli S. Brown, 51: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Reckless driving 3. Operating a vehicle with a Schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabolite in the body

Jewel Spearman, 42: Using private land without consent

Lawrence E. Swearingin: 1. Criminal confinement 2. Theft

Michael P. Reffett, 34: 1. Intimidation 2. Harassment

Howard M. Thomas III, 35: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more 3. Driving left of center

Judith A. Parlett, 63: 1. Dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance 2. Maintaining a common nuisance

Shawn D. Johnson, 38: 1. Conspiracy to commit dealing in methamphetamine 2. Dealing in methamphetamine 3. Possession of methamphetamine 4. Maintaining a common nuisance

James A. Parlett II, 28: 1. Dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance 2. Possession of a controlled substance 3. Maintaining a common nuisance

Sherry L. Johnson, 43: Possession of methamphetamine

Robert R. Aldred Jr., 18: 1. Burglary 2. Theft

Joseph N. Stedman, 18: 1. Burglary 2. Theft