Letter to the Editor

Reader vents on many topics

Monday, July 5, 2010

To the Editor:

There are so many things I'd like to comment on but feel they are not my business.

However, I will agree with the lady (Sheila Skelton) about dogs and barking. How do you keep a dog from barking?

God made them and if they don't bark, man has probably removed their voice (bark) box. How else would they notify us when someone comes into your yard or the mail lady's on her way?

I do have a problem with the way we've handled dogs in this community. Seems like the only people who have their dogs on leases or in pens are the ones who would have had them there even without a law -- for their own (the dogs') protection.

Please take care of your animals or take them where they will be cared for.

There is another subject I'd like to address and that is illegal immigrants. My husband just supports Arizona and I support those who are in the U.S. with legal paper work and want to become legal citizens of our country.

I'm sure there are plenty within our fine state who are not here legally but then I'm not checking the paper work.

One other thing I'd like to say is if you live here and work here, please when addressing an English-speaking person, speak English. If I can't understand you, I won't order anything from you.

Another pet peeve is when you've spoken English to get an order and you turn to your friends and look back toward people (not just me, but anyone) start speaking in your native tongue then start giggling. That is not polite and let me tell you if it happened to me, you would not get a tip of any sort.

Sandy Brattain,