Letter to the Editor

Calling the county to the stand

Monday, July 5, 2010

To the Editor:

Where are the civic clubs that want to be civic minded by your fellow neighbors?

Where are you Brazil in helping the 90-cents plus that are military vets of all service and sooner rather than later, need help with transportation to VA hospital?

Where are some of you vets that are sitting back waiting for the other fellow to come up to the plate?

The Clay County Veterans mini-van group has a savings account at Riddell National Bank and $5,096.20 as of June 25, and needs an additional $14,903.80 to purchase a mini-van for the local VA office.

Will you come forth and have your club assist?

Have a fundraiser dinner? Count jelly beans in a jar?

Anything that might help, but don't look down from a high perch and let vets and neighboring kids down.

We must have the money before Nov. 1, or wait another year.

We thank the choral group and Sam Glover and the Nazarene Church for their efforts in raising money along with Penial Church on West Hendrix Street for their contribution.

Sarge Marion Eveland,