Letter to the Editor

Organization offers thanks

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To the Editor:

The Board of Directors of the Clay County Humane Shelter wish to thank the Clay County Sheriff's Department for the ongoing investigation of the release of the dogs from the shelter in May.

We trust that anyone involved in this act will be prosecuted according to the law.

We take the lives of the animals in our care very seriously because they have no voice.

We accept responsibility of providing for them until such time they find a permanent home through adoption or rescue.

Please be assured the animals are continuing to be cared for by compassionate employees and volunteers.

We hope this negative incident doesn't affect the public's opinion of the shelter.

The continued support of our community allows us to provide food, vet care and shelter for these pets.

Having said that, the shelter still operates in the red. Our hearts break for the large numbers of unwanted pets coming through our doors. Please know it is you -- the caring people -- who donate time, money and supplies that keep our doors open so the animals will not be left to fend for themselves, be put in danger of attack or die of starvation.

It has been a very disturbing time for us in dealing with the recent theft of the dogs. We are grateful they were returned to us and thank all that helped retrieve them.

This has been a very unfortunate event for all of us affected by this unspeakable act.

Even though some of the media indicated theft of donations, please know monetary donations are used for animal care.

The animals will be the ones suffering from the negative publicity.

We have a rough job and we need your continued support as we work through this trying time.

We encourage our community to join the shelter as members for a yearly due of $10.

Board of Directors and Members,

Clay County

Humane Shelter