Letter to the Editor

'Green' reminder to fair goers

Sunday, July 11, 2010

To the Editor:

Dear 2010 Clay County Fair visitors:

Research shows that recycling is critical to the preservation of our beautiful planet for future generations.

As a concerned youth member of the 4-H program, and a Girl Scout, I am trying to do my part to make a difference.

Please join me this year in making our county fair a "greener" place by recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans in the recycling containers that will be provided at the fairgrounds.

The earth's resources are limited and landfills are being used for too many items that could be recycled. By recycling our plastic and aluminum products, we can save precious space, reduce our nonrenewable resource and energy consumption and improve our environment.

Because of my concern for this cause, I am starting this service as part of my Girl Scout Silver Award Experience.

With the help of the Clay-Owen-Vigo Solid Waste Management District and others, I have created barrels for item collection.

I will be collecting your recyclables and delivering the refuse to the recycling center during the fair. Your help by using the containers for aluminum and plastics is needed and appreciated in order to make my project a success.

Thanks in advance and see you at the fair.

Mannah Mace,

Cadette Member, Girl Scout Troop 10428