Letter to the Editor

Reminders from our past

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To the Editor:

This is some info from the old days, circa 1958:

* Eisenhower sends troops to Lebanon,

* Khrushchev in as Soviet Premier, Bulganin out,

* Castros Guerrillas launch offensive in Cuba,

* Venezuela imposes restrictions on U.S. oil companies,

* Elvis Presley inducted in Army,

* Governor Faubus shuts Little Rock schools,

* NASA is founded,

* Music from 1958 -- "Gigi," "Witch Doctor," "Purple People Eater," and "The Chipmunk Song,"

* Winner Indianapolis 500 -- Jimmy Bryan, sponsored by Mobile Gas and Oil,

*President Dwight Eisenhower, Vice President Richard Nixon,

* Inventions -- Barbie Doll, Hula Hoop, Laser, and

* Miss America -- Marilyn Van Berbur, Denver, Colo.

More from 1958 and other years next time.

But before I sign off, I wanted to tell you that (a publishing company and I) have settled our differences.

In fact, they told me if I wanted to, or if I was still interested in buying the book with my poem in it, I could do it through the mail, and not worry about the Internet, but the price is a little high, so I told them I would have to think it over a long time.

Now they talk like they want me to write another one.

I may not have won first-, second- or third-place, but at least my poem, "God Is Love," was published.

Here's a few titles from first-, second and third-place by other people: First-place "Darkroom;" Second-place "Infinite Occasion;" Third-place "Lying There in the Dirt," "White Horse," "The Memory Quilt," "The Planting Place," etc.

This is all for now. Until next time, take care and be fair.

John Weddle,