Friday, July 23, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse July 21-23:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Capital One Bank Vs. Jerrica Matthias: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Lester Clymer: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Lorraine C. Maesch: Civil Collections

Yvette M. Crowder Vs. Scott A. Crowder: Domestic Relations

Capital One Bank Vs. Darla K. Thompson: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Patricia L. Schoffstall: Civil Collections

Clyle Watts Vs. Elizabeth Watts: Domestic Relations

Suburban Bank and Trust Vs. William J. McEnery and Gas City, LTD: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

American Acceptance Company Vs. Gary Douglas: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Curtis W. Coley: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Joshua T. Callahan: Civil Collections

Capital One Bank Vs. Charles G. Shaffer: Civil Collections

Beneficial Indiana, Inc. Vs. Grover D. Young: Mortgage Foreclosure

Nationstar Mortgage Vs. William C. Phillips, Stacy A. Phillips, City of Brazil Utilities and Unknown Occupants: Mortgage Foreclosure

CACH Vs. Ashli Patterson: Civil Collections

The Bank of New York Mellon Vs. Joseph T. Sears, Sharon A. Sears and K Bank: Mortgage Foreclosure

Small Claims

Tommy K. Edmonson Vs. The Kroger Company: Civil Tort

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Deana Aker and Patrick Aker, Lisa Kleiber and Jeff Kleiber, James M. Crabb, Cori L. Moody, Ronald D. Sills and Serena Sills, Jimmie Richardson, Amanda Hertaus and Joshua Hertaus, and Steven M. Schane and Leslie Schane: Small Claims

Brazil Public Library Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Jana Jones, Shelby Pope, Susan Hayden, Sandra Underwood, Jessica Fiddler, Bobi Archer, Tina Hutchins and Shannon Hoskins: Small Claims

Bob Gerald Vs. Kim Drake: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Raymond Markley Morris IV, 28, Brazil, and Natasha Nichole Hyde, 21, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Steven A. Gwinn, 52: 1. Resisting law enforcement (two counts) 2. Criminal trespass 3. Criminal mischief with vehicle 4. Public intoxication

Misty L. Hamblen, 44: 1. Intimidation 2. Criminal Recklessness 3. Public intoxication

Brookley N. Brown, 20: 1. Resisting law enforcement 2. Driving while suspended

Freda Newton, 28: 1. Cruelty to an animal 2. Animals running at-large (two counts)

Lacinda Taylor, 30: Neglect of a dependent

Alan J. Scherb, 32: 1. Aggravated battery 2. Neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury (two counts) 3. Battery resulting in bodily injury (two counts)