Letter to the Editor

'Special lady' is a blessing

Sunday, August 1, 2010

To the Editor:

I just had to write and say we have a very special lady working at our Goodwill Store.

I went to a dinner at Meridian Towers and, as always, stopped in the store to look around.

I was noticing that there was a plastic flag in one of the bins. I asked her if she could reach it for me because I am in a wheelchair.

She asked me if I needed a flag. I said mine had about had it.

She told me if I could wait a few minutes, she had something for me.

I waited and she gave me a flag that had flown over Iraq. They fly them one day and then send them back here.

She said her son is in the service. She was very sweet and I didn't get her name, but I just wanted everyone to know that we still have people that care about our country and our flag to give a very special gift to me.

May God always bless her and her family.

Thank you very much.

Vicky Morris,