Public Record

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse July 30-Aug. 4:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

CACH, LLC Vs. George T. Chevrier: Civil Collections

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Vs. Calvin G. Curtis: Civil Plenary

MSW Capital, LLC Vs. Stephen Burns: Civil Collections

Jacquelyn Nesting Vs. John Nesting: Domestic Relations

William Brossman Vs. Candy M. Brossman: Domestic Relations

Joshua R. Williams Vs. Laura L. Williams: Domestic Relations

Trista R. Taylor Vs. Michael J. Taylor: Domestic Relations

William J. Rankin and H. Nadene Rankin Vs. Patricia L. Villescas, Richard E. Dierdorf, Marian E. Sublette and Mike Criswell: Civil Plenary

Jennica M. Lundell Vs. Matthew A. Lundell: Domestic Relations

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Joshua D. Tetidrick Vs. Roxie R. Tetidrick: Domestic Relations

Riddell National Bank Vs. Stephen J. Alexander: Civil Collections

Erica L. Blystone Vs. Robert P. Blystone: Domestic Relations

Margaret A. Farrand Vs. Stacy Winters: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

Flowers Baking Company Vs. Arnett Holdings, Inc.: Civil Tort

Clyde Halfhill and Effie Halfhill Vs. Joshua Casey: Small Claims

Cicely D. Dean Vs. Reginald L. Wood: Small Claims

Arthur R. Meyers Vs. Kevin Vaughn and Patty Vaughn: Small Claims

Riddell National Bank Vs. Crystal Myers-Stearley and Randal A. Stearley Jr.: Small Claims

Riddell National Bank Vs. David J. Anderson: Small Claims

Charles E. Jones and Karen L. Jones Vs. Curtis Cooksey: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Nickolas Edward Conklin, 20, Brazil, and Samantha Alex Starling, 18, Brazil

Robert Frederick Moore III, 21, Brazil, and Felicia Dawn Coker, 19, Brazil

Jasper J. Johnson Sr., 51, Brazil, and Angella Sawn Starnes, 37, Brazil

William H. Starr Sr., 73, Brazil, and Linda Lee Barker, 61, Noblesville

Klynt R. Thompson, 26, Clay City, and Ashley A. Griffith, 24, Center Point

Christopher Eugene Mustard, 21, Brazil, and Mary Katherine Raab, 18, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Keeghan L. Tetidrick, 20: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Possession of marijuana 3. Failure to signal for turn or lane change 4. Driving left of center

Aaron J. Reid, 44: 1. Criminal trespass 2. Public intoxication

John W. Clark, 18: Theft

Robert E. Shepard III, 36: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Allison L. Stevenson, 18: Theft

Anthony L. Anderson, 20: Theft

Krystal R. Anello, 21: 1. Assisting a criminal 2. False informing

Robert E. Shepard III, 36 (separate filing): Possession of paraphernalia

James D. Sturgeon, 21: Criminal mischief

Jennifer Chumley, 31: 1. Residential Entry 2. Criminal trespass

Ashley A. Hilburn, 30: Conversion

Clifton W. Thomas, 30: 1. Criminal confinement 2. Receiving stolen property (two counts)

Michael T. Thomas, 33: 1. Criminal confinement 2. Receiving stolen property (two counts) 3. Resisting law enforcement

Willy L. Drake, 32: 1. Criminal confinement 2. Forgery 2. Resisting law enforcement (two counts) 3. Receiving stolen property (three counts) 4. Criminal mischief

Charles R. Travis, 57: 1. Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 3. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Patrick O. Pittsenbarger, 37: Battery resulting in bodily injury (two counts)

Jeff Deal Pursell, 47: Possession of marijuana (two counts)