Letter to the Editor

Haiti mission moves on

Sunday, August 15, 2010
John Ellison (right) and Community Missionary Church Pastor Kenny Thomas stand next to 56 tons of pop cans the church intends to use for its "Rice For The Haiti Children" project.

To the Editor:

The can man, John Ellison, has the title and the job for the Community Missionary Church and the community including individuals, churches and some businesses, have all helped to make it thus far.

Our "Rice For The Haiti Children" is now into the 56th ton. A sample of what the can man hauls for the rice program is shown in this picture.

Thanks to all whom have helped, and that includes his wife, Wilma, whom many times, goes along and also takes phone calls for him.

Anyone having pop cans, we'll pick them up or you can drop them off at Bedwell Tire on Main Street.

Thank you,

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,