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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I have been very busy this past week. The heat has somewhat hampered the lawn work. We did pick up four pick-up loads of the branches off the male mulberry that we are bringing down.

We searched the garden for produce. The tomatoes suffered from the summer sun, but we manage to fill our containers. Some plants are struggling.

Okra is thriving. I was introduced to okra 52 years ago by a woman from State Line, Mississippi, during lean times, when my stomach was empty. I honor Bonnie Pope each growing season, a thank you.

Some folks around here can't recall eating the annual herb of the mallow family. Although, the native of Africa is more extensively cultivated in the southern United States; the plants are quite comfortable growing in my gardens.

The okra bears large, yellow flowers. The plants are similar in structure to the hibiscus, but I note no fragrance. I do know that, after I cut the many- seeded long green pods that follow the flowering from the plants; I itch like crazy.

I think that okra is a vegetable worthy of it's place at the table. I love deep fried okra and now use it to thicken my vegetable soup. And, when it's place in the freezer is empty, I select fried okra from Cracker Barrel's menu.

The zinnias in my garden are bright and beautiful this year.

Several types and colors of butterflies flit about them and delight this nature lover. Fragrant cilantro/corian-der at their sides adds to the experience.

Due to circumstances beyond control, some of the hybrid cucumbers will be a treat for my barred rocks.

Mash must be boring at times.

The huge sun-bleached vegetables may be overly ripe by now, but those girls and that proud rooster will be dancing, for sure.

I became a social butterfly, of sorts, this past weekend. I was busy as a bee and having fun.

Our daughter, Starla was in Indiana for a few days to attend the wedding of her eldest son, Michael Allen Risk.

She called me Thursday afternoon to confirm our dinner date, later in the evening.

Starla suggested that we choose a local eatery.

I told her that I heard, on good authority, "The Original Italian Restaurant" serves excellent food and the hospitality by management and staff is unbeatable.

So it was, Starla and her friend, Bruce May and Paul and I found a good place to eat.

The spotlessly clean and tastefully decorated interior of the building did not go unnoticed. We were impressed.

I thought that the checkered cloths on the tables added a nice touch to the dining area.

A waitress with a lovely tableside manner greeted us. In short order, our beverages of choice were before us and we were selecting our meals from the menu.

Bruce and I chose chicken cutlets Milano Style. Paul ordered his favorite, spaghetti and meat sauce and Starla chose a pasta dish.

The food was delicious.

We were afforded a true taste of Italy, worthy of praise.

My complements to all.

I strongly recommend that you try the fare too. Five stars, thumbs-up and more; we shall meet again!

On the eve of the marriage of Kayleigh Frendenburg and Michael Risk, we joined Michael's father and stepmother, Bill and Roxanne Risk, our hosts, for the rehearsal dinner. That occasion unfolded at Rick's Boat Yard, in Indianapolis.

We had a great meal and a grand time surrounded by family and friends and a bunch of people we didn't know.

Saturday, we arrived back in Brownsburg around four. After Paul changed into his tux at the grooms home we headed out for Avon Gardens, the wedding site.

The sun shone down on us, a very hot late afternoon.

The garden were beautiful the wedding flowers the same. The arch was covered with colorful flowers of summer.

Stewart Imagery was on hand to take the pictures. Mikes brother Dan's assistant Tyler Miles and Dan's fiancÚ', Amber took loads of pictures, also .

Amber's pictures of the wedding can be viewed on Facebook.

At seven-thirty in the evening the harpist sent beautiful and familiar music to our ears.

A beautiful bride to be and her knight in shinning armor soon exchanged their vows and became man and wife.

The reception hosted by the bride's parents was held on the premises. We had a grand time.

All to soon, we headed back to Brazil, too pooped to talk about it.

The newlyweds are now in Jamaica honeymooning. At last report, Michael lost his wedding ring while swimming in the ocean. Could be a divorce is pending.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.