Letter to the Editor

Reader requests caution and proper signs for city intersection

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To the Editor:

I am writing to request more caution and proper signs be installed on Jackson Street from Walnut to west of Depot Street for the safety of all seniors and those who are handicapped can cross Jackson Street from any of the housing buildings.

As reported in (The Brazil Times) Aug. 19, 2010, there was an accident on Jackson Street between a car and a handicapped person in a motor scooter chair at Franklin Street.

While the lady from Cooper Towers was only slightly injured and released from the hospital, it is the city's responsibility to ensure all persons from housing units are protected when crossing Jackson Street.

We have many tenants who use Lynn's (Pharmacy) for medications, BP Station for other needs, Eddie's Sandwich Shoppe to eat and more going to banks.

I, being an ex-police officer and drafting engineer, know this problem can be corrected at a small cost and reduce any risk of injury or death from happening.

First, starting at Walnut Street, put up signs (Caution: Handicapped Crossing: Use Caution), on north side of Jackson Street from Walnut Street to Franklin, then paint all crosswalks at Franklin in yellow and blue, both signs of caution.

Also halfway between Walnut and Franklin from the center of Jackson, north to the curb, install rumble strips.

It takes a small amount of asphalt to make small humps, not like speed bumps. Paint them yellow so as drivers who may be distracted roll over rumble strips and will diver attention to the signs and area.

Second: Paint the crosswalk from Cooper and Jackson to Meridian Towers at the middle of Depot and Franklin.

Third: On Jackson from Depot west to the alley behind the old vacuum factory on the south side of Jackson, do the same as above. Rumble strips, signs and painted crosswalks.

Make sure all ramps from sidewalk to the street are the same level so the wheels cannot become stuck, throwing a person from a chair.

Fourth, make the street on the west side of Meridian Towers one-way going north from Jackson Street to United States 40, to avoid drivers looking south to Depot Street and turn east, hitting an elderly person crossing Jackson Street.

This is not the time for city officials to pass the buck, or grumble about money.

All citizens should call council members and City Hall to voice the importance of this issue as no one knows when a loved one of themselves may move into government housing and need protection from traffic.

The safety of our elderly and handicapped citizens should be foremost of importance for everyone.

Forrest Swan,