Letter to the Editor

Generation fails to teach

Monday, September 6, 2010

To the Editor:

My father taught me what he was taught by his father, honor and respect.

My generation has failed in teaching its children these things.

Honor to our flag and country. I wore an Army uniform for 22 years, not once wearing it when I was not doing my duty of serving our country.

I served two tours in Vietnam, without laptops, TVs or cell phones.

We gave our flag the respect it deserved. We didn't wear our flag as a bandana, blanket, underwear or shirt.

Yesterday, I saw something that turned my stomach. An American flag was hanging on the porch on the corner of Pinckley and Alabama streets.

The flag had an Indian design and was hanging upside down, the sign for stress.

My dad would have removed the flag, waited for the owner and kicked his butt.

Things are taking place now that cannot be entirely blamed on this generation.

My generation should have kicked butt long ago.

Clint Ferry,