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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Van Buren Volunteer Fire Department is having a Fish Fry at the Carbon Firehouse on Saturday, Sept. 18. They will serve from 4 p.m., until they run out of food, usually around 8 p.m. Prizes will be awarded at that time.

The committee is in need of pies, cakes, and cookies. Contact Donna Mullenix or Bev Taylor if you can help. Several churches will circulate sign-up sheets on Sunday. The crew will be at Carbon on Friday evening and anytime after 9 a.m., on Saturday for bakers to drop off their goodies. Call Bev or Donna if you need a pick-up.

Clay County Retired Teachers Association Executive Committee will meet at Odena Harper's home on Monday, Sept. 13, at 1 p.m. They will finalize plans for the Fall Social to be held at the Kennedy Crossing Bingo Hall on Oct. 25. Note that this is a change from the original date.

President Jesse Pitts said that he hopes all of the committee members will be able to attend. This is an important meeting. Several items are on the agenda. Lance Stallcop needs the final plans to set up our web page. IRTA President Liz Tolson will be at the Fall Social. We need to plan a special welcome for her.

The CCRTA call list needs to be revamped so that everyone is contacted before the next social. Some folks get two calls while others get none. Please contact one of the officers (or a former officer) if you are a retired teacher that is not being contacted. Phone Jesse Pitts, Carolyn Ledgerwood, Pat Wilkinson, Carolyn Tausig, Tommy Dale Thompson, Denzil Admas, Odena Harper or me and we will be sure to assign someone to call you. That is our only means of communication until we have a complete e-mail list up and running.

CCRTA has several committees that help to divide up the responsibilities. Help is always needed and appreciated. If someone likes to plan events, join the social committee. If you enjoy the politics and think more people should be involved, join the membership committee. Cooks are always needed for the two socials we have each year. And it is fun, too. Mark Oct. 25 on the calendar. Committee members also mark Sept. 13.

Kathy and Marvin Bell have a new grandbaby. Congrats.

Good luck to the great lady that passed her test and has now applied to nursing school. We hope she gets accepted.

Harmony United Methodist Church is starting a new program on Wednesdays. The first one was last night. Small groups will meet on a regular basis to share ideas and hopefully become missionaries in the community. John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, believed in the power of having family-sized groups to study, but more importantly to pray and work, in their areas.

HUMC is remembering 9-11 this Sunday by honoring our local service people and all that they do for us. All police, fire, EMT, armed forces and all retired service people are invited to Harmony for a special commemoration. The service starts at 9 a.m. Coffee and donuts will be served immediately after the service in Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to attend.

Harmony United Methodist Women are planning their annual Green Picnic for Monday, Sept. 27, starting at 6:30 p.m. Methodist Women worldwide try to set aside time to think of what we can do to help save our only planet. We concentrate on helping women and children. Part of that is seeing that they have a safe place to live. All of our efforts would mean nothing if our earth became so polluted that it could no longer support life.

Again this year, the Green Picnic will be at my house. We haven't had any luck having it outdoors the past two years so I am just planning for an indoor picnic. If the weather is nice, we can carry our plates outside. I will provide the meat, a vegetable, and a dessert. Everyone that wants to bring a side dish or dessert is encouraged to do so but the most important thing is the time to fellowship together. Rose Marie Pell will give the lesson.

We will try to use no paper or plastic at the picnic. Bring your own table service. I will have plenty if someone forgets. The group thought of trying to eat no foods that had been trucked into the community from long distances. Barbara Pell said that would leave out all the chocolate and most of our spices so we decided not to make that a rule this year. We could have survived without pineapple and coconut for one meal but chocolate is one of our favorite food groups.

Buying locally grown food cuts the pollution and encourages the local farms but we Americans are spoiled by all those varieties at the grocery store. Just thinking about all those exotic foods that have to be trucked or flown in may be enough going green for this year. Bringing awareness to a problem is the first step toward trying to correct it.

All interested ladies are invited to our Green Picnic. Some churches are too small for a Methodist Women's group and are always welcome at our meetings and special occasions. Call me at 448-8734 if you would like to join us for the evening.

HUMC will again serve lunch to the Northview Band on a performance day. Our date is Oct. 9. We don't have specific information yet on whether it will be a sack lunch for a trip or whether the group will be performing locally. More info later. Start baking those cookies.

Gobin United Methodist Church in Greencastle is hosting an informational program about Operation Classroom.

A coordinator from Sierra Leone will be the speaker for the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 14, starting at 7 p.m.

The Clay City Methodist Church is hosting a Retirement Dinner for Pastor Myron James on Sunday, Sept. 29, from 2-5 p.m.

Over the summer I was able to visit with a few friends and take a couple of bus trips. It was a great time. A couple of weeks ago I attended Family Night at Cobblestone Health Campus in Terre Haute to visit a friend. The staff had planned a carnival complete with food stands, games, and a dunking booth. Some of those older folks may be in wheelchairs but their pitching arms are still pretty good. They dunked the administrator several times.

One of the food booths was a taco in a bag. It would be a cute idea for Bible School, too. They opened a bag of corn chips then spooned meat sauce, lettuce, and sour cream into the bag. It may sound strange but it was really good and required nothing but a plastic spoon. No dishes to wash.

The regular supper was served outdoors. It consisted of barbecue, fruit salad, and funnel cake. Those on special diets had options, of course. Balloons were set up at each action site as people worked their way through the halls, dining rooms, and various meeting rooms. There were events like ring the bottle and fishing booth.

A couple of clowns worked through the crowd making balloon critters and hats. They made a big red apple for me, the retired teacher. There were quilts and pies to judge from volunteers who had brought them in earlier that day. The winners received small gifts.

Older folks almost always wish they could just be at home but time comes when that is no longer possible. Thanks to the Cobblestone staff for providing friends and fun activities that sometimes make it even better than home.

Happy Belated Birthday to Stace and Brady Pell. Also, Happy Days to all the folks in July and August while I was on vacation from the Harmony Happenings. Actually, I was trying to catch up on all the stuff that had been put off for way too long. Sorry I missed your special days.

Happy Upcoming Birthdays to Betty Jarvis (10th), Suzanne Neier & John Tom Clark (11th), Thelma Hughbanks (12th I think), Jim Pell, Bernice Walton (17th), Mike Kester (23rd), Allison Pell (24th), Fritz Maurer (26th). Happy Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kester (on his birthday) and to Mr. and Mrs. Trent Pell (23rd).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Sept. 12 -- Worship and Commemorative Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

Sept. 14 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Sept. 15 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m. -- 3 p.m.

Sept. 16 -- Stewardship Committee 6:30 p.m., Admin Board 7 p.m.

Sept. 20 -- Evening quilting 6-9 p.m.

Sept. 27 -- HUM Women at my house for annual Green Picnic 6:30 p.m.