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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I just finished picking up more dead grass from my front yard. I can't believe the grass grew so much while my rider was broken down and idle. Now, while we await the rain, light pruning will keep me busy.

There is not much good left in my garden, except for a few Irish potatoes and near naked stalks of okra. The flowers that border my garden space are fading and going to seed.

Butterflies are still drinking, but a few are already wobbly. I reckon too much sun sweetened nectar and the wind knocked some of them off of their rockers.

I didn't mind the wind, until the heavy smoke from what appeared to be a sizable fire, to the west of the little blue house at the end of the road showed up. The problem lasted late into the evening, Sunday.

I am still waiting to learn more about it.

Paul and I lost a set of keys Saturday. He and I covered a large area of this property while performing our tasks. We aren't sure who to blame, therefore; the hunt is peaceful.

I am glad that duplicates were close at hand.

We plan to bring out the metal detectors in the morning.

With all of this dry grass, it really is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Our daughter, Starla Gail McHugh, of Scottsdale, Arizona recently made a career move. Her new job title is, National Manager Data Acquisition for "CARFAX." She specializes in banks and other institutions. CARFAX is a provider of vehicle history information.

Two of our children, Paul Sartor Jr. and Lori Ann Sartor Patrick, came into the world during the ninth month of the year. Little Paul was born, Sept. 8, 1960. He lived four months and five days. He would be 50 years old.

Lori Ann Sartor Patrick was born Sept. 30, 1962. Her paternal grandmother, Winifred Marie Goodman Swain shared the same birth date.

Lori lives in Denver. She is in charge of customer services for United Airlines. She is also attending college now, seeking a degree in criminology.

No doubt about it, I love my family and that would include my extended family and all of my loved ones gone on before.

I knew both of my lovely grandmothers. Etta Fisher Lynch and Edith Green Siner.

My grandfather, Hugh Lynch Sr. died in 1939, the year that I was born.

My maternal grandfather, I knew quite well.

John Andrew Logan Siner was a talented fiddle/violin player and could handle any other stringed instrument at hand.

I remember his German made instrument of choice well. Grandpa filled his homes, in Hadlytown, with music every time we visited. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Turkey in the Straw" or "The Skater's Waltz." I never tired of that pleasure.

Grandpa's passions were many.

Fox hunting was as important as his music. He raised a fine line of foxhounds and several, the best of the breeds were proven show and field winners. He was an active member of the Fox Hunters Association for many years.

I once boosted a score of aunts and uncles. Now I visit my precious Aunt Jessie Lynch Glenn Nicoson in the nursing home. Sadly, we reflect and remember the others, fondly.

I have several wonderful cousins.

For the most part, I only see them at funerals, but I certainly am aware of their presence in my life. Each have contributed to my happiness.

Last week, I received a phone call from one of my cousins that I haven't seen since I was a little girl.

Somehow, I suppose we weren't in the same place at the right time over the years.

The lady that called me is my cousin, Lavonne (Sue) Siner Ell. Sue is the daughter of the late George Wilber (Bib) Siner and Agnes Redenbarger. She is the widow of Paul Ell.

Sue lives in Mishawaka. She and Paul were blessed with two children, Steven and Bambi.

My cousin has many friends in Brazil. She graduated from Brazil High School "Class of 1949."

The pretty blond loved the sport of football and was a popular cheerleader.

She didn't remember the fact, but, once, while my family was visiting her home place, she stood on the sidewalk on Ashley Street and taught me a yell or two.

I still do them when I am alone and my old mind take a notion to follow a ball around the old Athletic Field and run with it.

Tootie Mae has never heard of The Brazil Red Devils, but the little dog likes the yells.

Well I was a yell leader for the tenth grade homeroom for the midterm gang. I think that this old girl could still shake her pom--poms, if the occasion arose again.


Sue sends a warm hello to her former classmates, schoolmates and friends in Brazil.

Thanks to the other readers that called last week. It was a very good week.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.