Letter to the Editor

Reader makes plea for shelter

Sunday, September 12, 2010

To the Editor:

To the citizens of Brazil and Clay County, to the churches, industries and service clubs.

This letter is a plea, once again for a worthwhile request for financial aid to a very worthwhile segment of our community and county.

You ask what it is, let me tell you, it's our own Clay County Humane Shelter. What does Humane Shelter mean, according to Webster's Dictionary, "to show compassion and consideration to others, this includes animals, mostly dogs and cats."

Since this letter addresses the Humane Shelter and the job it has to do, the next word to describe it is unfit. Again according to Webster's means simply, unsuitable or not fit. This includes people that allow animals to run loose, breed at will and reproduce out of control. It also includes people that don't feed, water and put animals on the end of a chain. Now the population of Clay County is somewhere between 21,000 and 23,000 people. Now we know that the unfit are going to discard this letter as common trash and never give it another thought. But what about the rest of the population?

Is it true that they are so cold that they can't put $5 a month in the mail addressed to the Clay County Humane Shelter, White Rock Rd., PO Box 277, Brazil Ind., 47834. That's $60 a year, now if only 100 people would donate that would be $6,000. What about 1,000 people, (out of 21,000). That is $60,000 more than enough to not only run our Humane Shelter but set an example throughout the state of what it really means to be humane.

It is not the county's job to underwrite, it is not the city's job to underwrite. It is the job of the citizens to shoulder, not to be complicated with policies and taxation. But rather have consideration and compassion. In everything you always have the good, the bad and the ugly. Recently our Humane Society has had a strong dose of ugly. I hope He gets His just reward. We have also had the good, thank God for a work horse of a lady who has carried the torch, bore the burden, fought the war to stay afloat and has asked nothing in return. This is my thought of love without exception; this is the optimum of love and truth.

Come on Clay County show your true colors. Support a cause that is worthwhile, who have proven themselves time and time again. Be like the Joan of Arc mentioned above, give all you can every month, get in the habit, it's not hard, put it on the calendar.

Read the Aug. 30 letter to the editor by Mona Lee. Read about Clo-Clo her dog, her family member, her friend and faithful companion. That's what Humane is all about.

L.T. Clark

Center Point