Friday, September 17, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Sept. 15-17:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Citimortgage, Inc. Vs. Sam Williams, Laura Williams, John Doe, Jane Doe, Jack Doe and Jill Doe: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Med-1 Solutions Vs. Denise Lynch: Civil Collections

Herminia M. Cervantes Vs. Abel Cervantes Jr.: Domestic Relations

Citifinancial Services, Inc. Vs. Donna Pitman and Dennis Pitman: Civil Collections

Patricia A. Irons Vs. John D. Irons: Domestic Relations

Small Claims

Jeff Deal Electric Vs. Jeff Goodman and Ashley Goodman: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Christopher Deckard: Small Claims

Med-1 Solutions, LLC Vs. Libby Receveur: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Joseph Ray Brush, 39, Rosedale, and Tisha Marie Moon, 40, Brazil

Frederick J. Biermann Jr., 48, Brazil, and Lucinda B. Biermann, 52, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Paul J. Thompson, 22: 1. Possession of marijuana 2. Possession of paraphernalia

Rigoberto J. Mayo, 22: Operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

Holly M. Keyt, 31: Theft

Jiarus Martinez, 22: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Alysha M. Bettis, 20: Conversion

Alyson R. Bettis, 18: Conversion