Letter to the Editor

Paying tribute to the 'lonely shoe'

Sunday, September 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Here I am in the middle of the street.

The sun is so hot I can't stand the heat.

Maybe the next car will take me away.

I've been here so long I don't want to stay.

Everyone sees me, but nobody cares.

All I get is honking and stares.

Why didn't they notice me? I have a great fear.

My eyes are all cloudy and I'm ready to tear.

Some cars have hit me as they drive by.

One of these times, I will surely die.

My tongue is so dry.

My heel hurts so badly, I'm ready to cry.

My toe is bruised.

My master just left me. You see, I've been used.

I once had a partner to help carry the load.

He left with a loafer that's what I've been told.

He has a penny to save or a penny to share.

Having a friend and someone to care.

If you could have seen me when I was brand new.

I walked with finest and my friends called me shoe.

In memory of the lonely shoe left sitting on United States 40 West, Brazil, for more than seven days.

Not a "sole" stopped to take it away.

Maybe people are too busy today.

Judy Timberman,