Letter to the Editor

They rock out like no other

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To the Editor:

I am writing a story about a man that's got an excellent band.

His name is W. Newman. He plays real good music. It's a Country and Gospel band. Nd some music he plays is Rock 'N Roll.

He plays all over like different towns. He's got an excellent band.

He played here at Meridian Towers three times. One time, he played here and nobody showed up.

Because the band is really, really excellent.

I know I like him and his band. I think W. Newman and his band are excellent.

I know I'll be here next time they play here.

I hope others will come also to watch W. Newman and his Country and Gospel band.

P.S. -- The band leader lives at Meridian Towers and he played at Meridian Towers five times.

Edward Riley,