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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Today I plucked my birdhouse gourds from the stringy dried vines and removed the ruffled brown leaves from the trunk of the tall catalpa tree.

A tumble took place.

Two bruises in the making later, this clumsy old girl removed the tethered heavy gauged wire, make-do trellis, from its spring and summer home beneath the high crown.

I reckon that tree was relieved to drop her drab droopy drawers and those silly little gourds as well.

This gatherer of goodness harvested several healthy sprigs of green sage from the plants in rubber tub nearby. Soon, with proper drying, the herb will be added to the large antique jar on the shelf in the larder.

Homemade dressing sure will taste good with that herb working in its favor and flavor.

Kale stands tall, in my garden, amid the dried remnants of other plants that died in the line of duty, during this extremely hot growing season. Now dark green is my favorite color.

I harvest the frilly leafy green vegetable often. The dish that I make with it is nutritious and delicious.

Do not process kale or other greens, if your eyesight fails you. Greens need to be examined carefully and washed thoroughly several times. We don't want anything looking back at us from the plate.

Speaking of creepy crawlers, all kinds of bugs and spiders are moving about now.

This housekeeper saw a humungous spider in my bathtub last night. Without hesitation or last rites, he or she was no more.

The amateur photographer without a camera in hand took a mental picture of the ugly monster before it met up with my swatter and was laid to rest outside beneath the bright moon and stars, guts up.

I will research and identify what kind of spider invaded my space.

Just while I am waiting for the return of the lady beetles to the cracks and crevices of the little blue house at the end of the road ,spiders begin to jockey for space.

If that is not enough to rattle my nerves, I am still dealing with the willies over the possibility of bedbugs finding Elm Street and moving into my pretty mattress.

Maybe I am a little paranoid, but I can't have that.

Bell and Howell claim that their Ultrasonic Pest Repeller will keep mice, ants, spiders, roaches and more out of the house. I use the product.

They do a fairly good job, with the help of good housekeeping, a must. We do not see mice, roaches or ants.

Home Defense, a trusted product works well, both inside and out. Not much detours those pesky lady bugs due to move inside sooner than later.

Tootie Mae alerts me to invaders, both of the flying and crawling kind. Sometimes she takes matters into her own jaws, before I can arm myself with my flap slapping zapper. That's OK though, because it passes through her tunnel with the cloth, wood and important papers that the little Doxie consumes during some feeding fits and frenzies.

On Sept. 30, 1962, I gave birth to our third child, Lori Ann, at the Clay County Hospital.

The late Dr. Robert Maurer was our family's doctor at the time and until his practice ended.

Dr. Bob was an intern at Riley Children's Hospital at Indianapolis early into 1943.

He observed another young mother, my mother, watch helplessly, as two of her precious babies, ages 5 and 7 lost their battle to a blood disorder, "Hemorrhagic Purpura."

He watched as the third gravely ill child, three-year-old, Mary Lou, struggled to survive. After many transfusions and all else failed seemed hopeless. The young man observed, as the, then, recently developed drug, "Heparin," still in the experimental phase of its use, met up with its expectations and saved the fragile little girl, from his hometown.

He told me about his involvement and interest, in regard to the Lynch children's medical cases, during my first visit to his office and after a review of my medical history.

After Lori's birth and several years thereafter, until the end of his practice, Dr. Bob remained our family doctor.

The doctor performed several surgeries on Lori's neck. He introduced both girls to shots and cubes filled with the works of Salk and Sabin, offered sound advice, showed compassion, concern and more. He was a doctor of the people and for the people, no doubt about it.

Today, I still smile when I think about Dr. Bob. I worried so much about Lori's lack of appetite in those days. I sought professional help, The good doctor would know how to encourage her to pick up her fork and partake more of the food before her.

He encountered a worried young mother in his office one day in 1966 and labeled me "Neurotic" on the spot. I still carry the title well. I worry about everything.

The wiser of the two adults said the patient would eat better when she was ready and the little bird did.

I am just recalling another special moment with a great doctor whom I held in the highest esteem and shall never forget.

Today is my baby's birthday. She has been a bundle of joy plus. Thank you again Dr. Bob for delivering my blessing. She eats well and drinks a little wine now and then!

Happy Birthday Lori! I saved your place at the table.

Thanks to all whom called me last week.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@ aol.com.