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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two of my good neighbors had surgery last week and are now back home. I am happy to say they are both doing well.

Harmony United Methodist Church had a Fall Housecleaning last Saturday. When you get that crowd of laughing, joking people together, you have to have fun. Betty Julbert's crew had just finished the breakfast dishes, when the Latham/Dickison lunch bunch started getting the dishes back out for the noon meal. We were well fed. A big thank you to all the folks that donated food for the day.

We found out that Pastor Terry was a pretty good cook. His biscuits and gravy were a hit. So were Erie Bell's cinnamon rolls. Shirley Pell and I made breakfast casseroles.

Judy Maurer brought leftovers from another event for our lunch: pulled pork, baked beans, and cheesy potatoes. Betty Julbert brought brownies and cheesecake for dessert.

At the church, most of the windows were washed, the handrails were painted, the alley was rocked, the garage was cleaned out, the bushes trimmed, and the bulletin boards were mostly completed. The rain halted some activities but it was so welcome that no one complained. The Maurer boys and Susan were so drenched that they headed home and missed their lunch.

Many people helped with the church clean-up by working or preparing food. Workers not already mentioned included Pastor Terry Jeffers, David & Cheryl Brinson, Susanne Neier, John & Rosie Pell, Judy Maurer, Bob & Billy Osborn, Stoney Stitzle, Dave Shorter.

Additional ladies who helped with lunch or furnished food were Jane Osborn, Shirley Pell, Eva Latham, Pat Dickison. My apologies for whomever I failed to mention. We had so many folks who helped indoors and outdoors that I did not see everyone. Thanks to Suzanne, Pat, and Betty for helping me with the bulletin boards and decorations.

HUMC will be furnishing lunch to the Northview Band on Oct. 9. David and Cheryl Brinson are heading up the lunch team. They plan to make sloppy joe sandwiches and add bags of chips and homemade cookies. A sign-up sheet for cookies was circulated on Sunday. Thirty-five dozen were needed and folks pledged to bring all of them.

The band lunch team will meet in Fellowship Hall at 6 p.m. on Friday evening, Oct. 8. They plan to fry the hamburger and make the sloppy joe filling. It will then just have to be reheated and put on a bun for Saturday. They also need to bag the 35 dozen cookies in individual servings. Volunteers would be appreciated.

The HUMC September mission was extended to October. We will be helping Van Buren Elementary School. They need volunteers but the law requires a $35 background check on every person. We hope to raise enough money to pay the fee for 10 volunteers. HUMC will have a Pie Auction on

A sign-up sheet for goodies for Oct. 17 will be circulated next Sunday. Help if you can. Show your support for VB Elementary by wearing blue and white.

HUMC is looking forward to the Barn Party at Mace's Barn hosted by the Lena Church. Thanks for the invitation. This will be held on Oct. 23.

Mark your calendars. HUMC will be holding a Fish Fry on Sunday, Nov. 7. This will be the third year for this event. The Jonah Fish will be served from noon to 3 p.m. Clean-up from 3-4 p.m. Worship Service will start at 4 p.m. Public is invited.

Clay County Retired Teachers will have a Fall Social on Oct. 26 at the Bingo Hall on Kennedy Crossing. It starts at 6 p.m.. Members of the Executive Committee have been calling everyone to remind them of the event.

CCRTA still needs raffle and door prizes for the Fall Social. If you have a business, have business contacts, or would like to donate something, please contact Mary Ann Froderman or any of the officers. You can just bring any items the night of the event. This is always a good way to promote your business.

The Fall Social will be a fun and informative meeting, too. We are repeating the chili supper like last year. Attendees are encouraged to bring a snack or dessert but you don't have to bring anything.

Dues for CCRTA are due in September but are usually collected at this October meeting. Treasurer Pat Wilkinson will be collecting those and issuing new membership cards. Dues are $5 per year for our local unit. State membership is encouraged but not required to belong to CCRTA. All officers must be members of both the local and the state.

Tom Jackson, Rachel Fagg, and I will be working to come up with a slate of officers for next year. Vice-President serves two years and then moves to the position of president. We will need a vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. If anyone would like to serve, please contact Tom, Rachel, or me. We vote in the spring for the officers to take office the following fall.

Nancy Tolson, president of our district, plans to attend the CCRTA social. Ward and Arline Meyers will display and sell their beautiful handmade baskets. The Northview Choir will perform for us. As always, a good time will be had by all.

I took a Turner Coach trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art last week. It was my fourth bus trip this year and I have enjoyed every one of them. The remodeled museum is awesome. It has always been very impressive but it is so user friendly now. The huge front steps are gone. Attendees can walk straight through the towering curved glass front and into the lower lobby. This floor has classrooms, library, theatre, gift shop, design shop, lockers, and café.

The second floor has American and European Art. The third has African, Asian, the Textiles, and the Turner Collection. On the fourth floor the Contemporary Art is displayed along with whatever major exhibit is featured. Andy Warhol starts Oct. 10.

I spent the entire afternoon with the art but still did not get time to see everything. I really wanted to see the Native American Collection but spent too much time with the Impressionists and the Contemporary sections. It was like visiting old friends.

Just an hour from Brazil, we can see real Monets and Seurats, Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, and David Smith. That still amazes me even though I have been to the museum probably 25-30 times over the years.

Even non-art lovers would enjoy the grounds at IMA. It is such a great place to visit and the Turner driver negotiated all the road construction. The bus dropped us within a few yards of our first stop and picked us up just as conveniently.

A friend and I skipped the tour of the Eli Lilly Mansion and spent the morning walking among the plants. Even with all the dry weather, it was so beautiful. The Greenhouse produced oohs and awes over the orchids.

We then walked through the Formal, Rain, and Cutting Gardens and down to the Ravine Garden. That's my favorite. Waterfalls always get me. We did not have time to get to the 100-Acre Fairbanks Art & Nature Park across the bridge.

The Nourish Café served good food. It reminded me of Paneira Bread but much bigger. It was basically soup, salad, and sandwich dining but that was plenty. My huge spinach salad and banana bread were more than enough. We ate in the Fountain Room so we could watch the water spouting through huge blocks of stone outside. Great view.

I love bus trips because you can spend all your energy on enjoying instead of driving and waiting in line. The people are fun. Two were Riddell trips and two were Turner. Once you pay for the trip, there is almost no other cost. That fee covers the bus and any admissions. Usually the meals are included, too. Nice.

Happy Birthdays to John K. Clark (9th), Heather Pell (10th), Allison Butts (12th), Pam Hood (14th), Greg Jones, Susan Maurer, & Adam Termeer (19th), Jimmy Pell & Carson Lawrence (20th), Betty Julbert (21st), Ryan London, Alisha McCoy, & Sheila Termeer (23rd), Kelly Pell (24th), and Trent Pell (28th). Happy Anniversary to A. J. & Heidi Babkowski (15th), and Gail & Carole Weaver (22nd).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Oct. 9 -- Providing lunch for the Northview Band

Oct. 10 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

Oct. 12 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Oct. 13 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m. -- 3 p.m.