Letter to the Editor

Reader urges all to vote in upcoming election

Monday, October 11, 2010

To the Editor:

Next month, the polls open and we the people will once again go to the polls to elect our lawmakers.

Notice I didn't say leaders, as that is supposed to be our job.

When this time is upon us, I urge you to go to the polls to vote.

Moreover, I urge you to vote for the conservative candidates.

I urge this because for two years, we have seen the full force of the liberal progressive agenda in action.

The government has taken over businesses, forced a healthcare system on us that the people overwhelmingly objected causing some states to revive the idea of nullification, which hasn't existed since 1832.

In addition, the liberals in government have refused to honor state's rights and fought a law that which made simply reinforced a federal immigration law.

In short, the power of the federal government has swelled against the wishes of our founding fathers while at the same time, shrinking our very freedom.

It is time to begin to restore our country to the honorable state it once was.

Where the people are free and the government takes orders from us.

David Bowlby,

Richmond, Ind.