Letter to the Editor

Resident expresses concern for all citizens

Monday, October 11, 2010

To the Editor:

To all concerned citizens:

Although the month of October usually brings us more tricks than anything else, please be aware all year long things do and can go wrong in our own personal lives that really make things tough.

Has it come to the time in our lives where we need to document every aspect of our daily events for self-protection? Some people do keep daily planners, but that just tracks appointments and possible events.

What I mean is are we going to have to document each and every time we do something just to stay safe such as time I got up, what I had for breakfast, time I showered, dressed and left for work, what time I got to work and how many miles did I travel to get there, did I take my lunch or did I go out, if I went out where did I go, what did I eat, how much did it cost, did I save the receipt?

How far did you go, what time I got back to the office, make any trips during the day for work -- where I went, what time I got back, how far did I travel, what time I left work to go home, what time I actually got home, when I got home, what did I do, did I plan supper or eat out.

If you ate out, where did you go? What time I got back, how much did you spend? Did I save the receipt? When I got home, did I watch TV or read a book? What was it? How much did I read? What time I prepared for bed, fed the cats, locked the doors, and finally called it a night until next morning, when I get to start all of this again.

I think not.

Life is much too valuable to waste it on such stuff.

Some things are important and most are not. Be aware of your friends and neighbors as well as the kids who choose to hang at your house. Knowing how you run your life is important, but having others with the same knowledge is very dangerous.

Do not take a chance, no matter how much or how little someone knows about you.

Your home, your family, your financial situation and your very freedom to live as you want is at stake.

If things happen that you don't like, do everything in your power to get it stopped. If not, your life as you know it, will be over.

Just be aware of your surroundings and what is going on. It's always the person or persons you least expect to stab you in the back.

It's up to you to watch your own back.

Bonnie Hayes,