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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here I am, on this beautiful day, suffering from a very bad cold. I took a short walk and decided to come inside. Besides this dry cough was disturbing the leaves. Another thing, my throat is on fire and there is a burn ban in place.

Tootie Mae was sitting in the computer chair, patiently, waiting for me. She reminded me to check out the boo-boo on her back leg.

Tootie jumped up on the bed and slipped off. On the way down she scratched the inside of her thigh with her nail. The superficial mark fell short of a bleed, but Toot is playing it for all that its worth. I taught her one of my old tried and true tricks that always worked for me.

I service the little canine's nails, but when she gets lonesome or bored, the poor ignored baby bites them.

The repair of the flat roof is progressing, nicely. The remaining potatoes are leaving the ground.

Winterization and fall cleanup is on the list of jobs to do.

The fallen leaves are as crisp as well-fried bacon. I am wearing out the broom whisking them off of the porch, continuously.

I reckon I will need to break out the new leaf blower.

Soon the long awaited rains will fall from the heavens and these drought-like conditions will cease for awhile. We will accept a cold rain, anything more than a sprinkle of two.

This week we changed from Avenue Broadband to Dish Network. We enjoyed a good relationship with our cable providers over the years. The decision to try another company did not come easy. We pondered the move for a time.

RFD-TV has been returned to our screen and we receive "INSP" Inspiration Network and more, the price is right. The HD for life is good deal also.

Bill and Gloria Gather and the best in gospel music are celebrating, in concert, within earshot. "Count Your Blessing" and "Giving Thanks" are included in the marathon.

The Waltons celebrated a second reunion and we watched some boxing and lots of news.

We watch a wide range of programming.

Some wonder what we plan to do with the 12-foot dish that sits in our yard, looking sad.

Well, Paul Baby moved it up and moved it down and turned it all around. He blew its fuses and he tugged at it's lines and cables.

The beamer hasn't been in use for almost 25 years when we moved it here from our former home on North Alabama Street.

Several families of birds and bees and an assortment of spiders claimed the cone that encases the signal receiver for their temporary home.

Even a fast spreading honeysuckle vine found use for it. It is no wonder that the old Drake dish froze -up and died. It was tired of all the commotion.

So, what is its future? Some have suggested salvage. Others say decorate your dish with seasonal themes and of course a few silly ideas was offered that would not make it past the sensor.

Fact is, the owner of the black object that my rider and I sometimes come up against isn't going anywhere. The treasure is his and will remain where it is!

We are keeping several Polaroid's and a few radios also, next to my junk.

I was saddened to read of the untimely death of Anna Nicholls. I send my condolence to her family.

The avid reader followed "Brazil Buzz" from day one, July 25, 2002. We enjoyed many phone conversations since. I will miss her. She was nice to know. I shall never forget Anna and remember her well.

I can be reached by phone at 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.