Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Oct. 13-20:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

American Acceptance Company Vs. Thomas A. Kline: Civil Collections

Amber L. Johnson Vs. James G. Johnson: Domestic Relations

Mid-Atlantic Finance Company Vs. Keith Schell and Rose Roger: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. Melody D. Dayhuff: Civil Collections

Justin M. Bryan Vs. Athena N. Bryan: Domestic Relations

Melanie S. Wheeler Vs. Kevin T. Wheeler: Domestic Relations

PHH Mortgage Corporation Vs. Sheryl D. Raybould: Mortgage Foreclosure

Lisa A. Owings Vs. Rick E. Owings: Domestic Relations

Holly R. Campbell Vs. Christopher S. Campbell: Domestic Relations

Discover Bank Vs. Christopher Hardey: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Erline R. Carbo Vs. James J. Carbo: Domestic Relations

Jessica D. Noblitt Vs. Justin R. Noblitt: Domestic Relations

Discover Bank Vs. Stephen Childress: Domestic Relations

Wells Fargo Bank Vs. David J. Myers and Travella J. Myers: Mortgage Foreclosure

Regions Bank Vs. James R. Keown: Mortgage Foreclosure

American General Financial Services Vs. Larry L. Newton, Freda S. Newton, Estate of Norma Lee Newton, Connie Hill, Unknown Tenants, Clay County Treasurer, Capital One Bank and Midland Credit Management, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Portfolio Recovery Associates Vs. Jennifer L. Baker: Civil Collections

Marc T. Sutherland and Joni M. Sutherland Vs. Linda L. Glosser: Civil Plenary

GMAC Vs. Joshua L. Phipps: Civil Collections

GE Money Bank Vs. Dallas King: Civil Collections

Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Charles Irish and Kim Irish: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. Delarma Edmonson: Small Claims

Village Apartments Vs. Benetta Prano: Small Claims

Theodore McIntosh and Emmy McIntosh Vs. Gareld Rogers and Hazel Rogers: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. Brant Williams: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. Angela Withrow: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. Wanetta Chicadaunce and Michael Chickadaunce: Small Claims

Defield Properties, LLC Vs. Elizabeth M. Stacy and Anthony Kirk: Small Claims

David R. Amerman Vs. Garrett Medley and Nikki Medley: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Ronald J. Kiernicki, 38, Rockville, and Sheryl D. Raybould, 39, Brazil

William D. Boyd Jr., 26, Carbon Vs. Monica L. Britton, 24, Carbon

Samuel E. Caldwell Jr., 39, Brazil, and Kimberly Jean Mil, 24, Brazil

Michael A. Nichols, 28, Brazil, and Erica Leigh Nichols, 34, Brazil

Jerod Michael Delong, 23, Brazil, and Sarah J. Petrowski, 31, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Eric V. Bobele, 48: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Battery

William W. Hunt, 21: 1. Intimidation 2. Disorderly conduct 3. Child restraint system violation

Christopher C. Floyd, 35: 1. Possession of marijuana 2. Criminal mischief 3. Disorderly conduct

Peter A. Smith, 46: 1. Criminal mischief 2. Criminal recklessness 3. Battery resulting in bodily injury 4. Resisting law enforcement 5. Intimidation 6. Failure to return to scene of accident causing injury 7. Battery

Amy P. Edmonson, 37: Possession of a controlled substance

Dean A. Bayer, 33: 1. Possession of methamphetamine 2. Possession of a controlled substance

Stephen M. Kochvar, 19: Illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage

Jimenez J. Sanchez, 23: Operating a commercial motor vehicle without a valid commercial driver's license

Michael A. Grigsby Jr., 19: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Robert L. Speck Jr., 20 1. Burglary 2. Theft 3. Criminal trespass