Letter to the Editor

Pop can mission ongoing

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Our own "Bag Lady" Betty Welch with a large carry-all bag full of tabs for McDonald House.

To the Editor:

We are now working on the 58th ton of pop cans for our "Rice For The Haiti Children" project, which I said over and over that it is an ongoing project we started a long time ago under the late pastor, Rev. William E. Brown, now Brother Ken Thomas.

Pictured in the photo is our own "bag lady' Mrs. Betty Welch, who resides in Meridian Towers and dutifully collects tabs from the residents and her friends.

She also has friends living in the city who call us regularly to pick up their pop cans.

Our mission, with lots of help from Clay Friends, a missionary group from Union United Methodist Church and tabs from may places, makes our chore more bountiful for the children in Haiti.

We don't ask for money, and our church buys large leaf bags for restoring, and hauling expenses are borne by they church.

If you have bags of pop cans or tabs you can drop off, do so at Bedwell Tire, 212 E. National Ave., Brazil, or phone the can man at 442-6954.

Leave your message and address, ad we'll arrange for pickup or phone Sarge at 448-2873. He can pickup the cans and tabs and drop them off at our church, 21 W. Pinckley St., Brazil.

Help us help those children in Haiti get their daily rice, which they eat with red beans. Let's keep them growing and become independent one day.

Thanking God and you for their very existence.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,