Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Van Buren Elementary is having a Veteran's Day Program on Wednesday, Nov. 10, from 9-10:30 a.m., in the gymnasium. All veterans, their families, and the public are invited to attend.

Harmony United Methodist Church will be holding a Jonah Fish Fry on Sunday, Nov. 7. It will run from 11:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. The morning service will be moved to the afternoon. Anyone who brings a church bulletin will receive a free dessert. Judy Maurer was planning to display all the bulletins that come in from the community. All of the churches help each other.

Judy Maurer and Brenda Shorter are co-chairs for the Fish Fry. They can always use more helpers.

Sheila Termeer and I will be working at the Raffle tables. This is the first year for United Methodist Women to have this event. We are hoping to raise more money for missions, especially local missions.

Several businesses and individuals have donated raffle prizes. Mike's Muffler donated a chrome exhaust tip for a car, Toys Auto Parts supplied a set of jumper cables, Brazilian Lanes gave us six free passes, Harmony Diner donated a $10 gift certificate, Rita Jones supplied an Avon Fergie gift set. I am headed to Pell's Shopping Center to pick up another prize this afternoon.

Several individuals have been generous, too. These people have brought in items for the raffle: Suzanne Neier, John Clark, Opal Schopmeyer, Stoney Stitzle, Sheila Termeer, Mayme Cox.

Each prize will have a can beside it. Interested people can purchase tickets. Tickets are $1 or 6 for $5. The hopeful individual can drop his/her tickets in the can for the item(s) they wish to win. The drawings will be made at the end of the Fish Fry.

There are still a couple of jobs that need to be finished at the church before Sunday. Weed cloth needs to be spread over some areas and two truckloads of mulch need to be added. Contact David Brinson if you can help.

Chris Pell and Stoney Stitzle put up the sign on US 40 to advertise for the Fish Fry. Several people were shopping and checking recipes to make bunches of baked beans and macaroni.

Pastor Terry Jeffers mentioned starting a Jesse Tree tradition at HUMC starting Dec. 1. This would be similar to Easter when the congregation carries flowers to fill the cross.

A Jesse tree marks the Bible stories from Jesse of Bethlehem leading to the birth of the Christ child. There are mosaic versions dating back to medieval times. Many churches and families have children to make ornaments to be placed on the tree, one per day. They read from the Bible and place that ornament on the tree. The first ornament is about Adam and Eve. That story is usually symbolized with an apple and serpent.

For this first year of the Jesse Tree, we will purchase some cardboard ornaments. Pastor Terry will try to get someone to make a simple tree. We will place each weeks ornaments on the tree during Sunday worship. It is hoped that various members of the congregation will adopt a particular scripture. Next year they will buy, find or make an ornament that symbolizes that reading from the Bible.

Food Share at the First Christian Church has only two deliveries left, November and December. The program will then end for this area of the country. I think the sign-up for November will be this Saturday, 9-10:30 a.m., and the delivery date will be Nov. 20. They always like to deliver before the holidays.

Did you vote? I did but some of my picks did not make it. Maybe the candidates will stop all the calls. You would think they would know that if the person is on the NO CALL list, that person does like phone calls. I ask for the candidates name so I knew who not to vote for.

One call was actually from the candidate. That was okay, even appreciated. Hand shakes, house calls, mail, computer are all fine. But telemarketer types on the phone will send me the opposite direction.

Some of the results may not be good. I worry that all those No votes will come back to haunt us when the roads and schools fall apart. I never understand finance, especially big government finance, but putting a cap on something that is already in trouble seems like more trouble. No, I don't want more taxes either but you have to pay the bills somehow. Inflation seems to be a fact of life. If government expenses continue to grow, where does the money come to pay those expenses. I am all for cutting waste but authentic expenses have to be paid unless you're the federal government. Is deficit Indiana in our future?

If I understand the vote, yes makes the cap permanent. Now legislators can't change their minds without changing the state constitution. I really don't understand this stuff. It seems like a head in the sand move to me.

Bloomington voters passed some measure to fund their schools but what about the rest of the school corporations? That works in Bloomington but I bet it would be tough to get the rest of the taxpayers in Indiana to vote for a new kind of tax increase for schools.

Roads and bridges are already a mess, too. Has anyone driven to Newberry lately? It is not a big town but it is on the way to the Elnora tractor festival and the Black Buggy Restaurant at Washington. Newberry has two large bridges over a lot of water.

The state has put stoplights at the ends of the bridges to give you time to say a prayer. You can think it over while the oncoming traffic passes. How lucky do you feel? Is this the day you swim with the rusty bridge?

If a truck is coming up behind me, I pull off for two prayers. I'll wait for the next light. If there are more than a couple cars, this girl will cross even later. It is hard to keep dry pants, even if only one other vehicle is on those bridges.

Finally, you just have to get it over with or get over it. It's your turn. Do you drive fast before someone else comes along or slowly so you don't shake it? If heading home, Worthington Marathon is a definite potty stop.

Apparently the state has no money for repairs to the bridges. I know the road crews are doing all they can with what they've got. Now and then a road gets repaired. The to do list just keeps growing.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Nov. 7 -- Fish Fry 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Worship Service 4 p.m.

Nov. 9 - Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Nov. 10 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m.-3 p.m.