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Harmony Happenings

Friday, November 12, 2010

Harmony United Methodist Church had its annual Jonah Fish Fry last Sunday. It was such a gorgeous day and we had a very good turn out for the event.

We were all tired by 4 p.m., but it was such a good fellowship working together.

Judy Maurer and Brenda Shorter came up with the idea of giving a free dessert to anyone who brought a bulletin from their church.

Of course, most of them were from Harmony Methodist but there were several others, too. In all, there were bulletins from 17 different churches.

We plan to display all of them on Pastor Terry's board leading to Fellowship Hall.

Thanks to all the churches and individuals that helped with our Fish Fry.

Several businesses and individuals donated prizes for the HUMC Women's Raffle.

Mike's Muffler donated a chrome exhaust tip for a car. Toys Auto Parts supplied a set of jumper cables. Brazilian Lanes gave us six free passes for glow games. Curves provided three one-month exercise programs.

Harmony Diner donated a $10 gift certificate. Pell's Shopping Center gave us a drill bit set and Maurer's Wellness donated a three-pack of vitamins to boost energy.

Individuals who donated items for the fund raiser were: Rita Jones, Patty Escott, John Clark, Linda Lumsdon, Barbara Stanfield, Suzanne Neier, Mayme Cox, Sheila TerMeer, Judy Maurer, Stoney Stitzle Cheryl Brinson, and I.

The winners were: Jean Rowings, Kenda Dierdorf, Debbie Schopmeyer, Patty Escott, Susie Pell, Jane Osborn, Kathy White, Debbie Weaver, Mike McCullough, Lisa Bullerdick, Rob Moore, Carolyn Kumpf, Suzy Morgan, Cameron Kumpf, Ron Chamberlain, Kathy Bell, Christine Clark, Becky Jeffers, Alice Slack, Heidi Bablowski, and Rita Jones. I won a prize, too.

I don't have the exact figures but we made over $800 on the meal and about $170 on the raffle.

The money will go to good causes. Methodist Women hope to use the raffle profits to give more money to local mission projects. Our group and those across the world try to help needy women and children.

Pastor Terry Jeffers is starting a new Wednesday night group. The theme will be "Christmas Gifts that Don't Break." Anyone is welcome to come and participate.

HUMC is hosting a Happy Birthday Jesus Party for children. It will be from 1-3 p.m., Dec. 11. The kids will have stories, crafts, games, and goodies. Details are still being finalized.

Contact Suzy Morgan to help, donate, or to get more information.

Harmony United Methodist Women do not have a meeting scheduled for November.

Almost everyone had been busy helping with the Fish Fry this month.

The Christmas Party is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 7, in Fellowship Hall.

The Monday meeting date usually conflicts with the Pastor's District Christmas Party.

We wanted Pastor's wife, Becky, to be able to attend both.

The ladies are planning to have a pitch-in meal and gift exchange.

Everyone is asked to bring an inexpensive gift, under $5. All ladies of the church are invited.

It is a good time to invite a guest that you have been encouraging to come to church. It is a way to get acquainted.

We always have such a good time.

We will circulate a sign-up sheet on Sunday.

Food Share at the First Christian Church has only two deliveries left, November and December.

The pick-up date for November will be Saturday between 9-1 a.m.

I think the sign-up for next month will be Dec. 4, with delivery on the Dec. 18, but don't know that for sure.

Former Van Buren classmate Pat (Cunningham) Chastain invited me to her house at Brownsburg for lunch. I took dessert and headed east last Thursday morning. Has anyone tried to find the turn off for State Road 267 at Plainfield lately? There are no signs. Plainfield is under road destruction.

I finally just turned north on a side street and hoped for the best. A Budweiser deliveryman told me where to find the right road to Brownsburg.

Pat's directions, once I made it to the town, were excellent. No problems there.

We had a great visit. Pat and Bill have a lovely home. Thanks for the invite, Pat.

Friends from Lake Helmerich and I have been trying to plan for a get together sometime before the snow flies. We have been emailing all summer that we would visit either here or there but time passes. There is a new Black Buggy Restaurant at Jasper that we plan to check out.

My friends have moved to a new house on the Lake and I am anxious to see their home.

My friend's other house was so cute. My ex and I had looked at it when we wanted to move to Lake Helmerich years ago. We thought it was a disaster but Bill and LaVerne bought it and made it look like a showplace.

They added a screen porch, workshop, gazebo, steppingstones and boardwalks. They made Martha Stewart look like an amateur.

Everything at Bill and LaVerne's home is in the perfect place. Not stuffy, just nice. You always feel like you could show up at 5 AM and it would be beautiful.

Not like my house where it takes a three-week notice to put the place to right before company comes.

Niecie Erin will be coming home sometime around New Years. That will be the Official Roach Family Christmas, when the cub is home. We are all excited.

Her husband Joey is taking time off to visit his parents, when they are in Florida. He may not be able to take off more time to come visit us, too. We hope he can,but try to understand when he can't make it. Even Micky Mouse puts a limit on vacation days when you work for him.

I wish Erin could be home for her birthday this week but it is not going to happen.

She is on a cruise with sweetie hubby Joey. Poor baby.

Happy Birthday to Shirley Pell and Erin Gabrielle Roach-Taylor (Nov. 13), Mike Mace (Nov. 16), Susie Pell (Nov. 17), Kendra Dierdorf and Suzy Morgan (Nov. 20), Nikki Dawson (Nov. 23), William Osborn and Meaka Barnett (Nov. 25), and Jim Clausen (Nov. 29).

Happy Anniversary to Jim and Mary Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Chrisman(Nov. 12), Jim and Mayme Cox (Nov. 23), George and Sarah Lawrence and Travis and Christina Jones (Nov. 27), and Dan and Nancy Pell (Nov. 30).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Nov. 14 -- Worship Service 9, Sunday School 10:30 a.m.,

Nov. 16 -- Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.,

Nov. 17 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Nov. 17 -- Pastor's small group study 6 p.m.