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Resolution passed by board to censure Buell

Friday, November 12, 2010

Forrest Buell
Citing personal conduct unbecoming of a board member, the Clay Community School Board of Trustees voted to censure fellow member Forrest Buell by a 6-0-1 vote, during its November meeting Thursday.

Buell abstained from voting.

Board President Rob Miller read the resolution, which cited Indiana School Board Association Board Policy 1730, item two and four.

Policy 1730 item two is "recognizing that authority rests only with the board in official meetings and that the individual member has no legal status to bind the board outside of such meetings." Policy 1730 item four is "refusing to discuss personnel matters or any other confidential board business anywhere other than when attending a properly advertised board meeting."

All board members upon taking their oath of office at the beginning of their term swear to uphold the Code of Ethics Policy 1730.

"Whereas on or about Oct. 20, 2010, (Buell) violated corporation policy code of ethics for school board members by providing to corporation staff a biased letter referring to confidential personnel information outside the confines of a board meeting or an administrative office." Miller read. "Whereas said letter was signed by (Buell) with the title of board member. Although he sent this letter as an individual and the letter did not represent official action of the (board of trustees). By doing so (Buell) did not respect his relationship with other members of the school board and performed outside the scope of this role as a board member is defined by corporation policy 1730."

Rob Miller
"Whereas said violation has jeopardized the trust and confidence the community and corporation personnel have placed in (Buell)." Miller continued to read. "Therefore be it resolved the Clay Community School Board of Trustees does not approve of this type of conduct from any corporation employee including themselves. Further be it resolved that future violations of this nature by (Buell) will not be tolerated."

Buell, who was noticeably agitated as Miller continued to read from the resolution, waited until he was finished before speaking.

"I would like to ask where this came from and who put it together. Our school board did not have any executive meetings concerning this topic," Buell said. "I question who made this resolution and I'd like to explain why I did what I did."

He then continued to talk about an incident that took place in August at a local elementary school. Though other board members told Buell they had discussions involving the incident that he was talking about, Buell continued to say the board never convened to discuss the situation, which would also include the employee in question, and he continued to question who put the resolution together.

Amy Adams
"We put it together as a board and we put it together with the advice of the Indiana School Board Association and an attorney," board member Amy Adams said.

Though Adams continued to try to explain the position of the board as well as policy that board must follow, Buell informed her twice to "shut up" because he was talking.

After more discussion and the vote, it took Miller to close the discussion.

"Dr. Buell, we are going to move on, we have addressed the situation," Miller said. "We have explained that to you over and over again."

The next meeting of the Clay Community School Board of Trustees will be 7:30 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 9, in the media center at North Clay Middle School.

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Wow! Looks like the best entertainment in town is at the Board of Trustees meetings. Just keep your kids at home. It might be rated PG-17.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Fri, Nov 12, 2010, at 10:51 PM

Somethings never change.Mr. Buell has done this for years this is just the first time he has been called on it.Then he wants to know who did this against him ,and when he is answered he tells her to shut up.I think the corperation has a policy against 'bullying' and Forrest crosses this line more than anyone.Why is he really on this board?He acts like it is for the kids ,but that it in question.

-- Posted by GO HOOSIERS on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 12:24 AM

Funny he keeps getting elected to the board he must be doing something right

-- Posted by agar on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 3:02 AM

Buell is a mess. Has been for quite some time. His sardonic nature has betrayed his good views and his actual legitimate foundations. Too bad, too long and much deserved censorship. Now....who will NOW have the kahuna's to reinvent and properly place the right thoughts into the mix without the dose of crazy? Hmmm...I seriously doubt Adams with the Liberal education record can and will but if she has the guts...God Bless Her!

-- Posted by karenmeister on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 3:31 AM

Not saying it might not have been needed, but how did they put this letter together without violating "Policy 1730 item four" - "refusing to discuss personnel matters or any other confidential board business anywhere other than when attending a properly advertised board meeting."?

-- Posted by brazilian on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 8:21 AM

There are executive sessions before the public meeting are advertised. Maybe they did it then.

-- Posted by Claycountian on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 9:27 AM

Now, that is funny, the Board violates the very policy that it censures a member for violating by not having a meeting to discuss punishment! Is anyone so na*ve to think that Forrest Buell would not be present in a meeting or Executive Session which had a discussion of his activities on the agenda? Poppycock. Actually, I believe that the Board has violated the "Open Door Law" and there is a legal case here if it is pushed. I highly suspect that there was, in fact, meetings or communications that flowed outside of the public sphere of a meeting that Forrest Buell was not privy to as a Board Member where his conduct was discussed without his knowledge or being able to defend himself.

Not that I disagree that Buell should be censured. I was at the October School Board Meeting when he attempted to bring up the incident at the elementary school in the public meeting. Thankfully, Tina Hefner moved for adjournment, which was quickly seconded and voted on, before Buell said anything that could have involved the school corporation in a lawsuit.

However, by the actions of the school corporation and the Board on Buell, the Board has now put itself in the very position that it narrowly escaped then.

-- Posted by Leo L. Southworth on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 12:27 PM

Dr Buell has had some good ideas and some poorly thought through ones as well that were not in conjunction with standards in place. The one consistent thing I've seen though is his inability to make his thoughts clear and understandable in a sentence whether on paper or with the spoken word. I have only however been a county resident for 15 years and always thought that this was an age issue and that he was past his prime for clear thinking since he had been an MD...So at some point he must have been able to put his thoughts into words.

I am perplexed as whether to empathize with board or with Dr Buell in this situation. Maybe with both sides as while I have seen in the past different groups on the board band together to make deals with regard to pet projects of individual board members, thus undermining another legitimate argument, I see this latest situation as maybe a decreased mental state finally causing Dr Buell's credibility to be totally lost. Either way it is a sad day both personally for Dr Buell and his family and for corporation as when someone is on board to play devils' advocate and ask challenging questions, it makes others reflect to make sure that they are making their own decision and not just following along with someone else's because they are a friend or simply a "nice" person.

I hope that each board member has and will continue to make up their own minds about issues with only the students in mind and not a buddy on the board or employee in the corporation for there is a vast difference between supporting a decision that favors a fellow church member or school friend and making a good decision that benefits the student body. I have seen on numerous occasions when an administrator thinks about the student in second place when making employee decisions. They think they are being a nice person to that employee but in fact they are doing a poor job as a steward of our childrens' education.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 1:53 PM

Run Forrest, Run! Good Job! What we need to see here is that this man is saying what needed to be said. We are all aware that this school Board and this school corporation is a MESS!!!! We have a Prinicpal who never was interviewed, just hired, a Superintendent who has absolutely no business dealing with rational sane people, business administrators who are horrible with finances, coaches & teachers who have no morals and kids who are going to pay the price.

I guarantee that the Board has violated the policy in coming up with the censure resolution. How else would they have done it? Also, isn't it probable that Buell was doing the work of "the people" when he did what he did? How long would you (unless you have no backbone such as our school board), how long would you sit back and listen to the beauracracy over and over again and watch nothing be done before you take matters into your own hands???

Don't get down on Buell because he acts a little out of the box once in a while. This community needs to find out what is really going on. Buell knows more than he's letting on.....that's why this School Board wants to "shut him up!".

Amy Adams shouldn't have interrupted him. His views (albeit rambling) are just as importnnt as hers. Something's up folks.......

-- Posted by __2--- on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 2:47 PM

This school board chooses what you hear & dont. You never did see anything about the special ed teacher striking a child & forceable putting him in his mobility cart did you. Oh cause this is her last year so the parents can just attend class with him daily so she doesnt abuse him any more. Bullying lets get real your child will be told not to tattle tale or they get after school

-- Posted by kd323 on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 4:48 PM

Buell for Mayor!!!!

-- Posted by no1special on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 7:14 PM

Dr. Buell got elected because he told those of us in Staunton that he supported

the ele. building project. So he got a lot of votes out here. And of course all of the Clay City district voted for him. Then after the election Buell was against keeping Staunton Ele. He won't see that support again!

-- Posted by seventyx7 on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 8:15 PM

All Amy did was answer the question forrest asked kirk.You 2 are like father like son.

-- Posted by GO HOOSIERS on Sat, Nov 13, 2010, at 11:12 PM

Buell continues to be elected because in the beginning Buell created Heaven and .. oh wait, wrong story. ; )

Buell, Beasley & Bradshaw were the best of the best (IMO) in the 80s. No doubt whatsoever. Thing is, most people know when their rein is over. Most people know when they no longer can EFFECTIVELY support & defend the rights that go along with being a voice for the community. Forrest (IMO) believe just the opposite .. that once he's elected, he'll get better at being a positive leader. He isn't and he hasn't been for some time now.

He was HIGHLY effective back in the day .. but his positive influence and never-back-down tactics have turned into being an embarrassment to the education system as a whole. Now, he comes across as having lost the last half of his mind. (Again, IMO)

Step down, sir. You no longer follow the guidelines and rules governing the position you hold. Thank you for your service at a time when we needed you. That time is no more.

-- Posted by Emmes on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 9:10 AM


I agree and disagree....As Emmes says Dr Buell unfortunately has "passed his prime" on being able to be an eloquent speaker so his ramblings no longer are effective, BUT I cannot damn the entire school corporation as you seem to be doing. Yes there are some employees who year after year were not documented so they have continued to cheat the students, but on the other hand there are good and excellent teachers in the corporation as well. what is the most sad however is that there have also been good building administrators in various buildings but they have either gone the way of upper administration in not getting full support and go ahead to document and get rid of the poor employees in their building and they now either realize that they are powerless in this area or have gotten burned out and the too just hanging on until they too retire so no longer really performing well either.

The case here, as stated by the ISU researcher that was done a couple years ago, is that the individual schools are operating fairly well but without the full support from central administration and board, they do not have the tool to improve by documenting and within three years getting rid of underperforming employees. This not only lets these employees continue to cheat the students in their own classes, but ends up cheating all the other students AND teachers in the students future classes as those studetns are ill prepared and the teachers and studetns have to be dragged back to re do where poor teachers did not do their jobs. Ends up lowering moral among entire faculty as well as financially all are treated the same no matter how well they do their job. How long does a good teacher hold up in this environment without regressing themselves?

What building administration needs is a clear message from Central office and the board is to clearly document all performance in their building without regard for whether the person is a fellow neighbor or church member. This school corporation has become too incest ridden and not being managed for performance but by relationships.

Unfortunately even the superintendent's duty is compromised by this mentality as his position is ultimately governed by the board so until the board members get the "huevos" to do what they were truly challenged to do when they took office, no buildings, cost cutting, or money spending is going to improve our schools.

I put the blame at the top as they set the tone and send the message on how things should be run but do our board members TRULY know or are they willing to do it?

They asked for the study to be done but have ignored the results. Even our collective message the way we voted encourages popularity over true management. Yes we have voted in people who do things that are "pretty" and "nice", but have they truly helped the students ability to reach higher? I think not. It's time for them to do good instead of being "nice". Until they do the students will continue to get shorted on their education. But will people vote for someone who may not appear "nice" even though they are prepared to do a good job? I highly doubt it.

That is why people moving into the area buy homes in surrounding counties and our real estate market is so much more depressed...Ever thought about why houses less expensive in Clay county?

Our education system is one of the reasons.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 9:36 AM

Well (IMO) the 3 Bs were the worst of the worst.

Our comuunity would have had better secondary schools nearly a decade sooner had it not been for the horrible way the 3 Bs went about things. If you didn't agree with them you paid a heavy price socially and professionally. Dr. Buell wrote long rambling letters to no where, even then. It wasn't until the 3 Bs were thrown out by the voters that things began to get better and we finally got our kids out of secondary schools that were unsafe and into a decent environment. Thos of us who were here remember how bad those buildings were. Buell only cares about Clay City and he has been that way from day one. He has done FAR more damage to the school CORPORATION than he ever has good. The censure is long over due and welcome.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 1:31 PM

In the early '80s I was attending school in those dilapidated buildings that the "Three B's" fought to keep us in. Plaster falling from the ceilings and class rooms that could not be used on rainy days. As a student athlete I saw the nice facilities in every surrounding community and even as a teenager I asked myself why my fellow students and I were attending school in such a dank facility. As I grew older I paid much more attention to why every student in this county attended high school in condemned buildings. It was because of the bickering and blind negativity by people like Forest Buell. I certainly hope that this foolish tyrant does not make it thru the next election.

-- Posted by jddriver4960 on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 3:09 PM

Well said, xyz123, well said! Something's up when we keep certain individuals on the payroll who have total disregard for the community and what's best for it. Perhaps, that's what happens when we hire administrators from outside the county who have no vested interest here. They don't live here, shop here, pay taxes here, but they love to partake in bullying and certainly enjoy taking our taxpayers' money out of here!

-- Posted by littletad on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 3:42 PM

Kudos to Miller and Adams. It is not easy being a leader and doing the right thing. One person's "right thing" often makes you someone else's enemy. You both, and the rest of the board, are to be congratulated for making the tough, correct call.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 6:34 PM

Thank you, School Board for finally putting Forest Buell "back in the box".

-- Posted by reddevil on Sun, Nov 14, 2010, at 11:04 PM

Dr. Buell is a morally challenged individual. He is an egomaniac and has no business representing the community. Let's not give this man a pass because of his age. He has been this way for far too long.

-- Posted by conservativedad1 on Mon, Nov 15, 2010, at 11:22 AM

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