Letter to the Editor

Resident making a difference

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Editor:

I am a Parke County resident and am writing to commend Clay County citizen Tammy Rothrock of TJ Animal Rescue.

My elderly father recently passed away and left several cats, which subsequently had kittens. I was beside myself trying to do the right thing and care for them while trying to place them in homes.

I called every area animal shelter for assistance with no success then ran across her name on the Internet.

Tammy is the only person to help. She took most of the cats and is vaccinating them, seeing that they are spayed and neutered and working to get them adopted.

Clay County should be proud to have one of their residents working so selflessly to car for animals, help control the population and educate the public, like myself, in proper animal ownership and management.

I encourage anyone reading this letter to seek her out and help support her non-profit organization. She is making a difference in the sad epidemic of abandoned and uncared for animals.

She made a difference in my life.


Cindy S. Peterson,