Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the help with the dog

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Editor:

We would like to take this time to thank the Clay County Humane Society for going the extra mile and for their time and effort.

Special thanks to Brenda, Karen, and volunteers Crissy and Jared.

My wife and I had a stray female "cattle type dog," show up at our house this spring. She decided to stay.

We fed her and she played with our female dog when she was outside. She wouldn't let you pet her but she would lick your fingertips and that was all.

As our luck goes, she was carrying puppies. She had pups and we could pick them up and handle them, but she still wouldn't let you touch her. We took the pups to (another shelter).

The dog still stayed at our yard so we called the Clay County Humane Society, after trying to calm her down to take her to get spade, we finally got it done. After we got her back from the dog shelter, she was a different dog. She had calmed down a lot.

The crew at the shelter were more than kind and caring. At one time, they were here three hours waiting for Katie (that is the dog's name now) to go asleep.

Katie is a tire chaser. Caught one once and got rolled, but didn't stop her.

She has a protective sense about her but that comes with being a cattle dog.

She had been mistreated from her past people. We took an ad in (The Brazil Times). No one called.

So in ending, we would like to thank the Humane Society and whoever dropped her off in Bowling Green.

Robert and Rita Lamb,

Bowling Green