Letter to the Editor

Brazil resident asks others to 'Share Your Feast' during season

Sunday, November 14, 2010

To the Editor:

The holiday season is upon us again and my mouth is already watering with the thoughts of turkey, baked ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, stuffing and desserts as far as the eye can see.

My taste buds are ready to explode with joy from the tons of food that will be at our house for all our family and friends.

As much as these thoughts fill my mind with happiness, they keep being overridden by the fact that there will be dozens of families that will not have a feast to share. Some will be lucky to even have a meal period that day. How can I enjoy overindulging while others go without? So, I've decided to "Share My Feast" and hope that others will too.

The Clay County Food Pantry and House of Hope have so many more people turning to them during the holiday season that it's hard for them to meet all of the needs of those they help. So, I'm hoping that we as a community can step up and help out.

It will not hurt my family or feast if I donated some time and money to help make sure that everyone gets a good meal for the holidays.

There will be a community event filled with love, smiles, laughter and great entertainment this Thursday, Nov. 18, at the Family Worship Center, located on United States 40 at the Staunton flashers.

Performances include live drama by Eternal Cry, stand up comedy by Linda Havenon and Uncle Les, musical performances by Destinee Rivera, Kaleen Wetnight, Delaney Coffin and House of Hope Choir, saxophone by Kenny Williams, Thanksgiving skit by Havenor family and also children's moments with surprise gift giveaways and door prizes.

There will be a "voluntary" $3 donation at the door, but no one will be turned away. The more the merrier.

So come on out to "Share Your Feast" and help out in making sure that everyone has a good meal for the holidays.

If it breaks your hearts, as it does mine, to know that there will be families without food for the holidays while we overindulge, then how will you answer this question. Will you, share your feast?

Les Rivera,