Letter to the Editor

Football staff thanks community

Sunday, November 21, 2010

To the Editor:

The Northview High School football program would like to acknowledge the following members of the Brazil Community for its outstanding support this season:

Aerial Fireworks (providing the "Thunder" to our attack), Clay County Fairgrounds (hosting team dinners), Mr. Charley Jackson (Director of Athletics, for his unconditional and loyal support to Northview High School athletics), Mr. Tom Reberger and staff (for providing an outstanding football facility throughout the season), and most importantly, the football parents (for providing food for team dinners, post-game snacks and an outstanding group of young men to coach).

Additional recognition goes to those community members who contributed to a memorable sectional week: Adamson's Fabric Care, Casey's General Store, Coaches Timeout, Hardee's Restaurant, Jack's Fine Foods, Mr. Murphy's Building, Shaw Chiropractic and Warren Tire.

The enthusiastic support of the entire community contributed to an outstanding and memorable 2010 football season.

We hope to continue this "Knight Mania" for future generations of Northview Knights.

Yours in football,

The Northview Knight Coaching Staff