Letter to the Editor

Pleased with Pinckley's new looks

Sunday, November 21, 2010

To the Editor:

My heartfelt thanks to Mayor Ann Bradshaw and the County Commissioners for their combined efforts in getting Pinckley Street paved.

I've waited 41 years for it.

I, however, would like to see signs posted to prevent business trucks with heavy loads from using Pinckley Street. I witnessed a Hancor truck with an extremely heavy load using Pinckley last week.

All businesses should be using United States 40 and State Road 59 for their routes. Please post signs preventing them from using Pinckley -- and then patrol the road to make sure they are complying.

A centerline down Pinckley would be beneficial too -- especially at night.

Thank you again for the great effort and completed project.

Patricia Stuckey,