Letter to the Editor

As a reader: Let's agree to disagree

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To the Editor:

I have read a lot of letters in another newspaper about one thing or another.

Two of those letters were published back in October.

They were referring to a letter by me, published Sept. 25.

The first, by Sharon Ammen, on Oct. 4, called, "Factual letters make most sense." This "Miss or Mrs.," knows it all. Quotes, cost of living adjustments and inflation, to me about why people didn't get a raise in 2010, and why we won't get one in 2011, for Social Security.

Hey, I already knew this, because I already mentioned on Sept. 25, we wouldn't get one until 2012.

As far as me getting a letter from an Assistant (Tribune-Star) Editor, doesn't mean that something has gone very, very wrong with my life.

The only thing that went wrong with my life was reading that "mumbo jumble," that she calls a letter.

Maybe Obama didn't have anything to do with Social Security not getting a raise. The fact is, it happened while he is president, 1975 law or not.

The second letter, by John Macke, Oct. 5, called "Consumer prices drive S.S. checks."

Mr. Macke preaches to me why the CPI (Consumer Price Index) went down and as long as prices are down, the raises are frozen. Hey, I already knew this too.

Mr. Macke must think I'm some kind of idiot that was born just yesterday or something?

Yeah, I know Obama didn't have anything to do with it. It's an adopted 1975 law. Just like you say in your 10-5-10 letter, "in the mean time, we will have to chill out to see if the guy freezes S.S. until 2012."

Well, mean time has come and gone and no raise until 2012. On Oct. 11, an article called, "No S.S. Cola expected for 2011," by the Associated Press, proves what I said on Sept. 25.

As far as Joe DeLorme, Michael Sherill, and Michael Lawson, these three do write good letters. Whether "Miss or Mrs. Know-it-all" likes their letters or not, I will continue to agree with them.

Have a nice day,

John Weddle,