Letter to the Editor

The parade crowd was disappointing

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To the Editor:

I just left this year's Christmas parade and I just want to say the viewers were horrible.

I went because my grandkids were in it and I wanted to see them.

I tried taking some pictures, but really couldn't get good ones because of the people.

I was at Lambert and National and the crowd just kept moving farther into the street.

Some of the vehicles were even having trouble getting down the street because of them.

It wasn't bad enough. People were letting their kids run out there, some in front of the parade vehicles. But the adults were going out there too.

I finally just gave up on it and came home.

What I saw of the parade was very good.

I'm sure the workers put a lot of time and effort into the displays and floats.

Too bad we couldn't see them.

Tanya Barnett,