Letter to the Editor

Please be more careful next year

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To the Editor:

Once again, the citizens of Brazil put on a great Christmas In The Park parade, but what really disturbs me is the amount of trash that is left on the street the next day.

Why can't people just take the time to pick up their mess and throw it away?

Also, people you really need to stay on the side of the road by the curb during the parade because you make it very hard for those in trucks (like fire trucks) to see small children. And if someone gets hit, there may not be another parade. And when a parade official tells you to move back, he's not doing it to be a jerk, he's doing it for you and your child's safety.

There was a group in front on a business that had moved so far into the road that the floats had to move over to keep from hitting them.

Next year, please use common sense and stay on the curb.

Anyway, great job to all those who took the time to lineup the parade and keep it moving.

I don't have to mention names. You know who you are.

Lori Hutcheson,