Letter to the Editor

Clay Business Women thank all

Sunday, November 28, 2010

To the Editor:

On Nov. 15, Clay Business Women had their 19th Reality Store for all Clay County eighth-graders.

The program has provided eighth-grade students with a reality experience of being an adult, holding a job (sometimes, two jobs), and with various educations.

They are given a job, month's salary, a marital status or single, children or no children, and then go through several booths where they have to make purchases for insurance, home, medical, groceries, etc.

The end result is managing their monthly salary with the goal of having money left at the end of the month.

We would like to commend the group of students who participated in the reality store. You were a great group.

Of course, we could not make this event happen without the assistance from the large group of volunteers that help us each year. We would like to thank North Clay Middle School staff for allowing us to use their facility for this event and supplying us with meals; House of Hope for the manpower; Walt Decorators (booths and signage); Tabco Printers (booklets); Staples (calculators); James Deal Law Firm (storage of our belongings); and our Corporate Sponsor, Terre Haute Savings Bank, for their financial support.

We had around 60 volunteers from our community who manned the booths to make this such a positive event for our eighth-graders.

Thank you to all the volunteers for the time you may have taken from your job or family, and to our families for their support.

We would like to grant a special thank you to Mayor Ann Bradshaw, Prosecutor Lee Reberger, Chief of Police Larry Pierce, and Clay County Sheriff Mike Heaton.

On behalf of past and present Clay County eighth-graders, we appreciate everyone who helps us to make this a positive experience each year.

Clay Business