Letter to the Editor

More ways to save on the budget

Sunday, December 5, 2010

To the editor:

I would like to thank Mr. Arikian as well as for Mr. James for their amazing thoughts for how we could save more money.

I have thought of just a couple more ways that we could save:

Let's just cut the military all the way out. Who really needs a force to save them from anyone now anyway? It's not like there are groups out there that would come to the United States. Look at the flat map that we all had to study in school. Never mind that thing the teacher called a globe.

Well, how much better would this country be if we all had to not fight for our freedom and it was just free. We all could go around hugging trees, planting flowers and going to college.

Oh, how we are so safe from the outside world.

How about an even better thought now that we are all going to college and the world can't bother us (you know because of that big puddle of water).

We could go ahead in like eight years and do away with welfare.

We won't need it anyway because we are all making bunches of money.

On a serious note, which seems that some but not all have forgotten. This country was not given to us. We had to fight for it. Freedom is not free even if those who fight for our freedom get treated like they are the scum of the earth because they are not human. Well, we are. We bleed, we cry, we have loved ones that miss us and there are little eyes that look up to us and say, "I love you daddy, mommy, brother, sister."

And would like to see us come home. Now if all we did in this wonderful country is cast stones, then we would have been overran many years ago.

If the people really want to change the way some things are done, then they should start at the voting poll. This comment that I am making is not intended to belittle or even assault anyone, but tonight, when you lay your head down to sleep, maybe in your prayers, you could include something like, "God, thank you for this great country that we live in and for all those wonderful people that have and are willing to lay down their lives for someone that they don't even know so that they can walk outside without the fear of airraid sirens, bombs going off next door, minefields, snipers trying to take them out while taking their children to school, and most of all, making us feel safe. Amen."

To all those men and women that are past and present members of the United States Military, you have and always will be in my families' prayers.


Mr. Edmund Tarr,


P.S. -- Semper Fidelis. Keep up the good fight.