Letter to the Editor

'Loaner' van on the way

Sunday, December 5, 2010

To the Editor:

Clay County American Legion Post 2 Commander Nick White has been notified that since the Ford Motor Company just went back to work a few weeks ago, that the Clay County VA Office will be given a "loaner" vehicle until their vehicle is sent down on or about the first week of January and all insurance expenses and fuel have been covered.

Our local county will not have this expense in the new budget for 2011. Further be it known that Commander White, Senior Committeeman, accepts responsibility of said Clay Vets Van Account and Sarge Eveland had his name removed from the Riddell National Bank Account, and no longer should be contacted for information about the mini-van.

He added that anyone desiring to volunteer as drivers for the vets in the mini-van should pick up an application soon and get a free physical from the veterans administration at Indianapolis.

This is important that volunteers get qualified, and just a driver's license is required.

Drivers do not get any pay for transportation of vets to VA and return. Anyone 18-older may become a volunteer D.A.V. van driver.

You do not have to be a vet to be the driver.

To volunteer, phone the local VA office to get scheduled for a physical in Indianapolis, or contact American Legion, Nick White, at 443-8611, or V.F.W. Commander Bob Bigley at 448-8554 or 812-605-0678. You can be a blessing as a part-time driver for D.A.V. and Clay County.

Now, for our project for "Transitional Homeless Vets, Short/Long Term Patients, Sick Call Clinic." I have never received a "no," and word that a partnership, a lease/'contract might be considered, has me thinking that perhaps someone in the medical, mental field or medical rehabilitation equipment might be interested in the purchase of the nursing home on East Hendrix Street.

One of my surgeon friends smiled and remarked "interesting," and I left him smiling, but I know the cost is a great venture.

I like the idea of partnering, and perhaps some other professional will consider.

I will tell it to one and all: Clay County would benefit for the 90 people out of a job, if and when this place opens again.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,