Letter to the Editor

Reader: Abortion discussion too political

Sunday, December 12, 2010

To the Editor:

I am against abortion, but the pro/con discussion has become more political instead of useful.

No debate has ever prevented an abortion.

Even when it was illegal at times, two people died.

In addition, too many people who on one hand campaign with right to life politicians see no problem with capital punishment.

Killing is killing.

I even had a debate with a minister about this, who insisted the commandment allowed for the death penalty when people in society desired it.

Now, it's true that the Old Testament legitimatized the death sentence for murder and adultery, but Christ has modified a lot of what was followed previously and if we killed adulterers, could we not also be killing unborn children?

See the paradox?

You cannot state that it is wrong to kill quoting one part of the Bible and then quote another, "previous edition," as valid.

I've heard arguments about the sixth commandment only pertaining to the "innocent" (though Christians believe all but Mary, the Immaculate Conception, are stained by Original Sin), and not the guilty but at the end of the day, only God has the right to take life away.

Two laws causing taxpayer funding for the killing of human beings. Truly imperfect ones created by imperfect humans.

Not even our organized religions can get it perfect as they, too, are created by humans, though inspired by God.

Can we make a difference without the divisive politics that accomplishes nothing?

Can each of us actually prevent one abortion and not just take sides while only politicians benefit by getting our vote?

I say make it a non-issue and use our efforts to seek out a pregnant woman contemplating abortion and ask what can be done to help her through her crisis.

Whether a teen who is being thrown out by a parent or a couple in throes of poverty, or someone in an abusive relationship.

There are a myriad of reasons why abortions thrive in this society.

The biggest being lack of education on how to prevent them.

Even school funding is linked to abstinence-only education.

No matter what your belief about teenage sexual activity, the fact is that many teens ar choosing to have sex and we are not teaching them pregnancy prevention by connecting that information to funding.

That should be the debate.

In Scandinavia, sexual activity in teens is many times what it is here, but the abortion rate is practically nonexistent.

The answer is education.

By the way, Google Kevin Cooper, a man on death row, who was framed for murder.

Humanity is too "human" to have this sort of responsibility.

Jenny Moore,