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Church News

Friday, December 17, 2010

Center Point United Methodist Church

One week from today ... Christmas!! Somehow the snow makes it seem more like Christmas. But, snow, or no snow, it comes. And each year we get a fresh opportunity to look at the events that have caused such a change in the world. Oh, sure, we can look at those events any day of the year. We can read about them in the Bible any time. Yet, there is a wonderful sense of the Nativity coming alive at Christmastime.

I hope you are feeling the blessings of this season. If you aren't "in the mood" yet, try a few things to get you there. Make some Christmas cookies with your children or grandchildren. Go Christmas caroling (even if you don't have a great voice). Put on some Christmas music. (I have a favorite CD I could listen to over and over, anytime of year. It is called "Child of the Promise." It is a wonderful telling of the Christmas story.) Read the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke in the Bible. Attend church tomorrow. Open your heart to receive the peace and joy of Jesus.

Pastor Bob Kumpf said that we at Center Point will be having our Christmas program, "Saint Luke Story," during the worship time. Many churches will have special services tomorrow. There will also be communion services on Christmas Eve. Watch the paper next week for times and places.

I invite you to come be part of our services tomorrow morning. Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:30 a.m., and worship services start at 10:30 a.m. Come listen to the special songs of the season. See the children take part in the service. (They are always a "hoot" to watch. You never know what to expect from them.) Come let your heart be warmed and your soul be soothed by the message of the Christ Child.

Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church

Pastor: Father Harold W. Rightor II; revhwr@juno.com.

E-mail for the parish office can be sent to annunicationchurch@msn.com.

Mass schedule: Saturday 6:30 pm., Sunday 8:30 am., and 12:30 pm., Tuesday 5:30 pm., Wednesday 9 am., Thursday 9 am. Reconciliation is 5:45-6:15 p.m. Saturday or by appointment.

Divine Mercy Chaplet is prayed the first Sunday of each month at 8 am.

To schedule time to see Father Harold please call the parish office, 448-1901.

The church is located at 19 N. Alabama St., in Brazil. Handicapped parking is available in the parking lot between the church and the Parish Center.

If you have any news of interest to the parish please send me an e-mail at eaburt48@gmail.com. News must be submitted to me before Wednesday to get it in the paper on Saturday.


The Knights of Columbus will be hosting a Christmas Party on Dec. 18. There will be Chili, Vegetable Soup and desserts in the Parish Center. Father Harold has agreed to have a combined Mass with Holy Rosary and Annunciation at 5:30 p.m., at Annunciation and our Party will begin immediately afterward in the Parish Center basement. Everyone from Holy Rosary and Annunciation are invited to attend. We will be giving a Las Vegas Vacation for two as a door prize.

We had to cancel bingo last Sunday due to the weather. This week, we will be giving away as prizes on pull tab games a large wagon full of toys and a Las Vegas vacation. Join us if you can.

We will be having bingo on Dec. 26, at the regular time. Join us as we wind down from Christmas and get prepared for the New Year.

Speed games start a 6 p.m., Early Bird games at 6:30 p.m., and regular bingo begins at 7 p.m. We have a weekly Jackpot coverall worth $1,000 if you bingo on 55 numbers or less. Remember we are a no smoking facility, but we do have a covered smoking area and a little propane heater for you to warm you hands with while you are smoking. There is always good food available, so stop in and spend the evening with us.

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, at 413 S. Walnut St., invites you to celebrate Christmas with us. It is our prayer to stay focused on the fact that Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ and that we will see the reminders of God's presence all around us.

Sunday School begins at 9:30. The walks will be clear for you and you will be warmly greeted. There are classes for all ages and the teachers are looking forward to seeing you. There is an elevator to take you down to the fellowship room and up to the beautifully decorated sanctuary for worship.

Morning worship begins at 10:30 a.m. A cheery adult-staffed nursery is provided for both Sunday School and morning worship. Children pre K-5th grade are welcome to leave the sanctuary for KidMo, an interactive Bible instruction program.

Thank you to those who sorted Christmas cards. Christmas cards will continue to be sorted and then distributed this Sunday. Thanks also to those who have organized the various Christmas social gatherings. We appreciate all who see a need and step up to the task, especially those keeping the paths cleared during this icy and snowy weather.

There are no scheduled services this Sunday evening.

There will be no Saturday paper next week and the church articles will be published in Tuesday's edition.

Harmony United Methodist Church

It is December 1981, and my wife and I have moved from Terre Haute to Evansville. We are expecting our first child and the little one has decided to wait. My wife was due the middle of November and here it is the 11th of December and still no baby. We are all alone in a strange town and we don't know anyone. How alone and even a little frightened we were so many years ago.

In some ways, we could relate to what Joseph and Mary were thinking. They had to leave their home town with friends and family and travel to Bethlehem. There is both excitement and anticipation as they await the arrival of baby Jesus. Then they get there and there is no room at the inn.

This week's study of Christmas Gifts that won't break, we talked about the gift of Joy. There is the joy of encouragement. We receive joy when we are encouraged and when we can encourage others. In this world of negativity and glasses only half-full. Let us encourage one another and experience joy. There is joy of thoughtfulness. When you do something for someone even though it isn't expected, there is joy. There is also joy of graciousness.

We talked about the little boy that tried so hard at a Christmas party to win three prizes. At the end, he hadn't won a single prize. When it was time to leave, each child present received a bag of hard candy. He asked for three bags and the Priest was angry. The little boy said that all he wanted were some bags. The priest thought that would be OK so he gave the little boy the extra bags. Later, he saw the little boy sitting outside and he was dividing up the bag he had received among the other bags. That is when he remembers the little boy has younger brothers and sisters at home. All he had wanted was to share his Christmas with them.

That is what we are all asked to do. Share our Christmas, whatever that may be. Share our joy with others this Christmas so that they can experience the same kind of joy we receive from our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come join us for worship at 9 a.m., with Sunday school at 10:30 a.m.

Eastside Christian Church

Today is pickup day for Angel Food orders. Please pick up your order between 9:30-10:30 this morning.

If you are able to help, they will be putting the Christmas baskets together to be delivered to those who are less fortunate. If you want to help, please come to the church this morning after 10:30 a.m.

What a blessing it was to hear Dave Henry last Sunday give witness on his harp and with his message. Chester Hapenny will be with us in our evening service tomorrow.

We want to keep those on our pray list in our prayers. We also want to remember those in the military, especially those who won't get to be home for Christmas. We are a blessed country, and we need to thank God for that everyday.

Christmas is only a week away. Let's not forget why there is a Christmas. We will be having our annual Christmas Eve service at 6 p.m. What better way to start Christmas than to come and thank God for the birth of Jesus. We hope to see you. If not, have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Otter Creek Christian Church

We at Otter Creek would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and invite you out if you have no church home or are visiting the area. Our location is 6299 N. Crow Street, Brazil, phone 446-5300.

Service times are Sunday Study 9:30 a.m., and Worship at 10:40 a.m.

To reach Pastor Steve, call his cell 812-249-3309 or the parsonage at 446-4007 (please leave a message) or call Sandy at 443-6007. She may be able to help you.

This is a very special week for all of us, this is the week we celebrate the birth of Jesus, well most folks do. For others, it's just another day to expect a gift or to get what they think they deserve. No, I'm not being a Scrooge, just stating a fact, really we can not be certain what day of the year Jesus was born, but we do know He was and to recognize that is appropriate. Just how should we do that with all the materialism?

Our Bible tells us in Matthew 6: 19-21, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt and where thieves break through and steal ... But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven ... For where your treasure is there will your heart be also."

This week, we celebrate the love that Jehovah God has for us, He sent Jesus as a babe, but it didn't stop there. He lived among us (people) taught our forefathers and even mothers and yes children. Then He went to the cross and died for our sins, not His but ours, still it was not over on the third day He rose triumphant over death and hell so that we might have everlasting life.

Now that is why I celebrate Christmas all year long. It's about love, the love of our Father and scripture says words to this effect, They shall know we are Christians by our love. Now I know it's only a matter of opinion but I think love is a pretty wonderful reason to celebrate this and every year. I just watched a movie and the Nanny in it told the little girl, "Eloise, it's not the wrapped up gifts that make a difference. It's the gifts given from heart."

Speaking of love why not show someone a random act of kindness? You don't have to give them a new car or anything fancy but maybe a cup of hot coffee or cocoa to a cold mailman/woman. Make sure to pray for those who are less fortunate than you are and stop complaining about what you don't have and thank God for what you do have.

Have a love-filled and Merry Christmas, If you have Jesus in your heart you can't lose. Next Sunday brings a New Year, but today gave you a new 24 hours, don't waste them. May you always listen to the Lord remember we need to be still to do that.

Bee Ridge Church

Bee Ridge Church is located 1 1/2 miles north on Kennedy Crossing Road. We are the brick church on the top of the hill. Sunday School for all ages begins at 9:15 am. Worship Service and Children's Church begins at 10:30 am.

Our church congregation is growing and we welcome new members or visitors anytime. Come join us for worship. Jeff Bridgewater is our Pastor, and can be reached at 812 241-3036 or email: jeffbwater@yahoo.com. Hope to see you Sunday.

Upcoming events at Bee Ridge:

This Sunday during our church service will be the Annual Children's Christmas Program.

This Christmas Eve, we hope you will join us at 8 p.m., for our Christmas Eve Service.

Peniel United Methodist Church

Homecoming Sunday, Sept. 26, members of Peniel United Methodist Church, Brazil, Ind. Over 75 past and present members enjoyed for a great meal and wonderful homecoming program. During a special afternoon program three long time members, Robert (Bob) Anderson, Anna Mae Swearingen, and Grace (Tommy) Moore were honored for their years of faithful service.

Entertainment was provided by the McKinley Hill Church of Christ praise band. Peniel United Methodist Church has been serving our community since 1891. The original bell is still rung by hand at the beginning of our traditional Methodist services held every Sunday morning, 9:45 a.m., for Sunday School and 10:45, for Sunday worship.

Seelyville United Methodist Church

Seelyville United Methodist Church is a Christian community of Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors. We are located at U.S. 40 and 2nd Street in Seelyville, one block east of the stoplight.

Please join us for 9:30 a.m., Sunday morning worship when we celebrate God's love, manifest in Christ Jesus. A time of fellowship follows worship with Sunday School for all ages beginning at 10:45. Nursery care is provided beginning at 9:15.

Having trouble getting into the holiday spirit because of the loss of a loved one? Join us for our Longest Night Service on Tuesday, at 7 p.m., as we struggle together how to celebrate while dealing with the pain of grief.

Celebrate Christmas Eve with worship of Jesus at 11 p.m., with a service of word and light.

For more information, visit www.seelyvilleumc.org, e-mail seelyvilleumc@frontier.com, or call 812-877-1868.

Carbon United Methodist Church

By my calculations, this is the eighth day before Christmas. I can't remember if the "12 Days of Christmas" come before or after, but if they come before, this would be the day for the eight maids a-milking. Now that is a silly song, isn't it? But do you know where it comes from? If you do, you know that it is very, very far from silly. Back before very few people could read, it was a way of teaching the important aspects of the Christian faith. Did you know that? Each number stood for something that people needed to know when they could not read the Bible for themselves.

My true love stood for God. A partridge in a pear tree was Christ on the cross. Two turtle doves stood for the Old and New Testaments. Three turtle doves were Faith, Hope, and Charity. Four French hens were the four Gospels. Five golden rings stood for the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible. Six geese a-laying were the six days of creation. Seven swans a-swimming were the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Eight maids a-milking were the Beatitudes. Nine ladies leaping were the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Ten lords a-leaping were the Ten Commandments. Eleven pipers piping were the 11 faithful apostles. Twelve drummers drumming were the 12 articles of faith in the Apostle's Creed.

Now wouldn't you say that if you knew all of what this silly song stood for, you would be pretty well versed in the things you should know as a Christian. Think how, if you could not read, this song would help you learn these important things. Next time you hear it or next time you try to sing it (and remember it all) think of what it really stands for!

You've had your lesson for today. Let's move on. Tomorrow, Sunday, Dec. 19, our church will have its Christmas Breakfast at 9:30 a.m., followed by Worship at 10:30, which will include a short Christmas Program. Come early so that things will be ready by 9:30, for that is when we will actually begin eating. From checking over the sign-up sheet, it ought to be a pretty good feast ... as usual.

There will be a Christmas Eve candlelight service at 8 pm. Take time from your busy Christmas Eve to come help celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Bright the children and let them know the true meaning of Christmas by participating in this moving service. Santa and sugarplums can come later.

May I wish you a "Merry Christmas." Notice that I did not wish you a "Happy Holidays." This is the time for Christ's Mass. Let's keep it just that!

Carbon Baptist Church

Merry Christmas from Carbon Baptist Church

It is an exciting time of the year and we seem to get so involved in the season that we can lose sight of the joy of what it really means.

What does Christmas really mean to you?

John 3:16 -- For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son.

Christmas is:

A time of remembering His great love,

A time of loving, because He loved us so much,

A time of giving, because He gave,

A time of forgiving, because He was willing to forgive us,

A time of rescuing, because He rescued us by His grace,

A time of changing, because the Christ of Christmas changes us, and

A time of rejoicing in God's unmerited grace and a new life.

At this time of year as we enjoy our family and friends let us not forget what Christmas really means to each one of us.

God bless you and yours this Christmas Season.

First Presbyterian Church

The days until Christmas will be busy ones at the First Presbyterian Church of Brazil. Today, the Senior Highs will assist with the Toys for Tots distribution at the Harmony Methodist Church at 9 a.m. At 10 a.m., the Christmas food basket distribution will be made at Fellowship Hall.

These baskets include food, clothing and toys to help make several families' Christmas a brighter one.

Also today, the Senior Highs will meet at the church at 1 p.m., to travel to Indianapolis to attend an ice hockey game.

On Sunday, Dec. 19, we invite the community to join us in the celebration of the final Sunday of the Advent season.

We will be lighting the fourth Advent candle, the "Candle of Love," which reminds us that God loved us enough to send his only Son, Christ himself, to Earth.

Highlighting the Service of Divine Worship will be the cantata "Night of the Father's Love" reminding us of "the night the ancient prophecies were fulfilled; the night the angelic announcement of the birth as the star shone brightly above, leading others to witness this incredible gift of love from God in human form -- Jesus, the babe." The Gallery Choir of the First Presbyterian Church and the choir of the First Methodist Church directed by Charlotte Pickett and accompanied by Steve McCullough and Jerry Morgan, will present the cantata first at the First Methodist Church at 9 a.m., and then at the First Presbyterian Church at 10 a.m. Everyone is invited to join us for this musical gift of the Advent season!

On Friday, Dec. 24, the annual Christmas Eve service will begin at 7 p.m., as we celebrate the final preparations for the arrival of Christ on Christmas Day. The service will include music of the season, a brief meditation, and the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, concluding with the traditional lighting of candles as the congregation sings "Silent Night." Come join us for this joyous service!

Rev. Gary Scroggins and the entire congregation extend an invitation to all members of the community to join us for worship and fellowship.

For more information, contact the church office at 446-2415 or on the web at brazilpresbyterian.org.

The church is located at 210 N. Walnut St., Brazil.

Community Missionary Church

Pastor Ken Thomas opened services with a warm greeting, bring up the fact that our furnace is down and thanks to Tom Vanatti, that we have heat enough for our service this morning. And updating our people on whom he had visited and contacted this past week. After his opening prayer, he turned the service over to Carol Vanatti, whom led the congregational singing.

The morning offerings and tithes were taken up and Debbie Meganhart sang a special number, "The Gift." This was followed by another number special during the Christmas season, "Born to die," by Carol Vanatti. Both numbers were well received.

Pastor brought up the present cold as compared to the time when Mary and Joseph found the stable and awaited the birth of Bary Jesus. Those three wise men following a star which was shining very brightly leading them to where that stable or manger as it's known, and the shepherd whom were sore afraid while watching that star in heaven.

All this for a background, which we learned was the best gifts that the wise men could bring other than themselves. We think of our own self coming to see the "King of the Jews." In actually "King of the world" in a lowly manger born of the virgin Mary. What more could you offer than costly gifts but yourself?

Bowing before Jesus, to offer yourself to follow him by example, being a star that others might see.

These wise men knew that the king wanted Jesus dead, and if they returned, was out of the question, for they bowed to Baby Jesus, and also warned of God that they departed another way back to their home.

King Herod, enraged at the wise men, had all the children that were in Bethlehem and in the coast, under 2 years of age, put to death.

Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus also escaped being forewarned of God. We speak of following a bright star, could we be a star for someone to look to and be an example for them to follow?

Why not be a star in all of Clay County, and shine for Jesus, and tell others that might absorb that light and want to shine for him?

Don't give up, don't give in to past sins, glow for Jesus for understanding, for love of God. Remember you don't need material wealth, just give of yourself that God may light up your life.

Brother Thomas and wife Beverly, and the congregation invite "you" to our services at 21 W. Pinckley St., Brazil.

Sunday School is at 9:30 a.m., Morning Worship at 10:30 a.m., and Evening Service is at 6 p.m.

We have lots of parking space and room for you.

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