Letter to the Editor

School surplus auction a success

Thursday, December 23, 2010

To the Editor:

Clay Community School Corporation held an auction of surplus equipment Saturday, Dec. 18.

My husband and I attended the auction to try our luck at buying a few worktables for his shop.

Although the day was very cold, the auction brought out a pretty good-sized crowd. It was obvious why the items are no longer in use in the classroom, cafeteria or office.

They had all seen better days and it doesn't make sense to store "junk."

However, the participants in the action found these items to be useful to them and their lives.

Local restaurant owners bought the old, but still useful cafeteria items. A lady in a full-length mink bought the hand crank for the old high school basketball goal for nostalgia. Farmers bought fans for their animals. Business owners bought office furniture and desks. Metal scrappers bought the old, beat up drinking fountains. My husband got two worktables for his shop.

I realized while standing they're watching the process, that this auction of surplus items was contributing to the local economy and helping to make the "American Dream" come true.

The participants got items that will help them make money in their businesses, the school corporation recouped some money for the taxpayers, while freeing up space in their buildings, and the auction company conducted yet another auction.

Everyone walked away very satisfied with their "treasures."

Everyone wins when one man's junk becomes another man's treasure.

Thank you Brian and Larry Wyndham of Wyndham Brothers for conducting a great auction on a very cold day.

Thank you Tom Reberger and his building staff for the hard work of bringing all the surplus equipment to one building and working all day on a Saturday to make this happen.

The building staff went above and beyond the call of duty by helping people load their treasures, reinforcing the fact that the people of our community are good hearted.

I was reminded again today that we have much to be proud of and "treasure" in our community.

Amy Adams,