Letter to the Editor

A heaping handful of thanks

Thursday, December 23, 2010

To the Editor:

A special thanks to Mayor Bradshaw and the City Council for your service in difficult decisions.

For Karen McQueen, the help she gave me and the numbers she keeps true as City Clerk.

The street department that repairs our streets with so little money.

I had the pleasure of working with Byron Bemis and his partner in Restlawn Cemetery.

Wonderful job.

The police department that keeps us safe.

The fire department that saves our homes and possessions.

The water department that we have good water and the new water tower soon.

You are all true servants for the citizens of Brazil.

Let us all work together to make our businesses, homes, sidewalks and streets a better place to live.

God Bless Brazil.

Happy New Year,

Joseph W. Holechko,