Letter to the Editor

Take fight to 'corporate thugs'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

To the Editor:

The bomber responsible for placing the device that killed 200 people a few years ago and subsequently released by Scotland on humanitarian grounds because he is dying of cancer? As it turns out, he is apparently healthier than you or me.

What has come to light about this case is this: BP Oil, wanting to do business with Libya for its oil reserves lobbied Scotland to release this murderer apparently to win favor with the Libyan government.

My point is this: Those Americans who believe the days of honesty or integrity in corporate boardrooms will return with less government interference and America will thrive with this deregulation need look no further than this company.

They used inferior construction grade materials in their deepwater well and we all know where that got us and now are so low-down the morality ladder, they actually made a mass murderer an integral part of an oil deal.

As much as I hate government interference in my life, I fear these guys even more.

Corporations have sold America out for cheap, forced labor countries like China offer. They have outsourced jobs Americans desperately need, yet still rely on our umbrella of military might to protect their interests.

We need to quit fighting each other and deal with these corporate thugs who only understand one thing: Money.

Try withholding it from them and watch how fast their hearts follow.

Bruce Price,

Bowling Green