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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The sun is shining brightly this Sunday afternoon. I just wrapped up my outside chores and struggled to remove my work coat.

Material stopped the unzipping process. I always panic when that happens.

My mother died on a cold January day like this one, in 1992. She was attempting to remove a warm blue car coat that I gave her for Christmas, days earlier.

The zipper jammed as the victim of Alzheimer's struggled to remove her coat.

She suffered a heart attack, at that time, fell to the floor and died, before professional help arrived at the home place. That sad event is indelibly etched in my mind.

When I am held hostage behind a contrary coat zipper, that frightens me.

I stepped out of the heavy outer garment, quickly and then worked on the problem.

Paul is feeling poorly today. He has either a heavy cold or flu.

A breathing problem of long standing, due to years of lighting up, excessive coughing and other complaints associated with his current ailment allows for little rest.

Since he does not feel like operating his remote control; Tootie was asked to take charge of the entertainment. She opted for a long snooze, instead of dancing barefoot.

The precious little dachshund is wearing her new pink Snuggie- type wrap covered in hearts.

She left his side a few minutes ago, long enough to do her business and beg for a small floret of broccoli and a baby carrot, as she passed the cook.

I am leaning toward eating more fruits and vegetables and adding other healthier food choices to our diets this year.

This cook does not plan to give up comfort foods, but it is so easy to add pounds during the winter months. We have so many sweet holiday delights on hand and at our disposal I am tempted to get carried away at times, much like my bad influence.

This woman truly loves Chinese food. I have enjoyed the cuisine ever since I was introduced to it in San Diego over fifty years ago, by a dancer and her boyfriend that employed me to babysit her child.

One night, they paid me for my services in Chinese food from the nightclub where they worked. I think I mentioned them once to you. From that night forward, I was hooked on the flavorful food.

Paul claimed that he did not like any of it. I assumed that he had tried it and based that assumption, I ate Chinese when dining with others, only.

During the holidays, you can imagine my surprise when he suggested that he would like to try the tasty fare.

I discovered that, the old sailor that traveled to many foreign countries and dined at their tables, even ate skunk in Portugal, had not tried Chinese, ever.

Excited about the possibility of his taste bud's acceptance of the food, on occasion, if nothing else; I set out to address his suggestion while the thought was still warming on his burner.

I found a sampling at Kroger. I chose Wanchai Poa Chicken, with peanuts, a complete meal for two, for the taste test and headed home with the goods. What did I have to lose?

That evening, before the freezer had time to get acquainted with the fat sack I forged ahead and followed the instructions. Shortly, dinner was served.

Previously, I worried that both, he and I would be disappointed with the meal. The colorful aromatic meals would be just flavorless frozen dinners.

Oh my, it was so good, restaurant quality.

The taste test received raves from my guinea pig, Paul Baby. The meal was seasoned just right, full of flavor, filling and delicious. He cleaned his plate!

I doubt that he will ever try to use chopsticks, but I believe we will be dining out soon, where others use them to lift food to their mouths.

Gee, who knew?

Oh yes, I organized the freezer to make room for more of life's simple pleasures.

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