Public Record

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse Dec. 30, 2010-Jan. 6, 2011:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

LVNV Funding Vs. Damien Stout: Civil Collections

Asset Acceptance Vs. John W. Bouffard: Civil Collections

Everhome Mortgage Company Vs. Adam R. Thomas, Rebecca L. Thomas, unknown tenant and Beneficial Financial, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

RAB Performance Recoveries Vs. Richard D. Wilson: Civil Collections

LVNV Funding Vs. Barbara L. Peterson: Civil Collections

Citimortgage, Inc. Vs. Michael A. Raab: Mortgage Foreclosure

Wells Fargo Bank Vs. Marshall A. Waller Jr., Anita D. Allen, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Clay County Board of Commissioners and Corvee, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Heather S. Howell Vs. Brian M. Howell: Domestic Relations

Kris E. Rehmel Vs. Bradley R. Rehmel: Domestic Relations

Everbank Vs. Byron L. Stupp: Mortgage Foreclosure

US Bank Vs. Phillip J. Swearingen Indiana Housing and Community Development and Carolyn Tickner: Mortgage Foreclosure

Equable Ascent Financial Vs. Jeremy Allen: Civil Collections

Equable Ascent Financial Vs. Amanda Kellum: Civil Collections

Small Claims

Gary Kerins and Kathy Kerins Vs. Les Harrington and Jayne Harrington: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Vernon William Maesch, 37, Brazil, and Susan E. Street, 32, Brazil

Joseph E. Badger, 75, Bloomington, and Linda C. Farris, 73, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Lonnie D. Copper, 31: 1. Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 3. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Logan T. Winkler, 18: Possession of marijuana

Benjamin R. Parker, 26: 1. Domestic battery 2. Invasion of privacy

Steven A. Booker, 29: 1. Driving while suspended 2. Exceeding posted speed limit

Lee P. Wade, 18: Criminal trespass

Katelynn Johnson, 18: Criminal trespass

Faith R. Chiles, 20: Disorderly conduct

Kena E. Gurley, 20: Criminal mischief

Bradley E. Vogel, 22: 1. Theft 2. Failure to stop after accident resulting in damage to unattended vehicle

Tamara S. Golden, 33: 1. Possession of marijuana (two counts) 2. Maintaining a common nuisance 3. Legend drug deception 4. Possession of paraphernalia

Terry Harrison, 46: 1. Failure to deposit public funds 2. Official misconduct